For All The Girls With Best Friends Who Live Far Away

Whenever you are feeling saddened, you have someone you can text. Someone who will share words of encouragement. Someone who will help you feel okay again.

But sometimes, you wish you had more than that. You wish you had friends close to you, friends you could physically hug, friends you could share a drink with on weekends, friends you could sit on the couch alongside and walk through parks with and pick up for beach trips.

Sometimes — even though deep down you know you have a million friends who would kill for you — it feels like you have no one. It feels like you are completely alone.

You spend weekends sitting alone in your bedroom because you have nothing better to do. You have no one to hang out with, because everyone you care about is a million miles away. You can text them or video call them or play video games with them, which is better than nothing, but you still wish they lived closer.

You wish you could drive to their house in the middle of the night when you’re going through a breakup and need to vent. You wish you could stop by their place uninvited when you have free time after work and could use a drink. You wish you didn’t have to wait until summertime or the holidays to see them for a stretch of a few days. You wish your time with them wasn’t so temporary.

When your best friends live far away, it’s easy to feel left out. You see them posting stories with their new friends. You hear about everything they have been doing without you, all of the fun times they are having without you, all of the memories they are making without you.

Meanwhile, you are stuck in the same place without any new friends. You feel like you are falling behind because they are moving forward with their life while you are sitting around, waiting for them to return. You worry you are going to be forgotten, replaced, unwanted.

You have no idea how to make new friends — especially friends that live up to your best ones. You feel like you are never going to get that lucky again. You feel like you are going to stay this lonely forever.

Even when you find the time to talk to your best friends every single day, it still sucks to be separated from them by miles. It sucks to know they are never going to show up on your doorstep by surprise. It sucks to realize you would have to board a plane or save up your gas money for months in order to see them again.

Even though all of your friends are miles away, you have to remember they love you the same. They miss you just as much as you miss them. And they are going to try their hardest to see you again soon.

They might live far away — but they would be there in a heartbeat if they could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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