50 Stupidly Simple Things Your Girlfriend Will Appreciate More Than Chocolate Or Flowers

1. Leave a note about how much you love her and cannot wait to see her again on the fridge before you leave.

2. Offer her a massage and making it clear you do not expect it to lead to sex.

3. Bring home leftovers (or her favorite dessert) for her when you go out to eat with your friends.

4. Text her when you get a free second at work to let her know you have been crazy busy but are still thinking of her.

5. Plan out a date in advance so she isn’t stuck coming up with ideas over the weekend.

6. Wear the ring/shirt/cologne she bought you in front of your friends.

7. Buy a new toy or bag of treats for her pet.

8. Turn on her favorite music when she is in the passenger seat.

9. Memorize her fast food orders.

10. Notice when she gets a new haircut or wears a different nail polish.

11. Post pictures of her on your social media.

12. Text her when you’re in the same room, just to tell her how pretty she looks.

13. Meet her during her lunch break to eat together.

14. Take ‘candid’ pictures of her for her Instagram.

15. Compliment her on something you have never said out loud before.

16. Fill her car with gas for her.

17. Ask her for updates about the work story/friend drama she mentioned the other day to show you were listening and you actually care.

18. Give her a key to your apartment.

19. Leave a toothbrush for her in your bathroom.

20. Have a picture of the two of you framed and leave it on your bedside.

21. Ask her to help you shop for clothes or cologne, because you value her opinion.

22. Read her favorite book so you can discuss it together.

23. Open up to her about a secret you have never told anyone.

24. Buy her tampons during her period so she doesn’t have to leave the house.

25. Place a blanket over her when she falls asleep on the couch.

26. Set up a picnic in your backyard.

27. Hold her hand or rest it on her thigh while you’re driving.

28. Make her a cup of coffee first thing in the morning — or pick up a cup from Starbucks.

29. Order the outfit/jewelry/movie she keeps staring at in the mall.

30. Buy her a book you believe she would love.

31. Light candles, set out wine, and fill a bath for her.

32. Remember her mother’s birthday without being reminded.

33. Make her breakfast in bed.

34. Invite her out with your friends instead of leaving without her.

35. Play with her hair.

36. Buy a cake mix, sprinkles, and all the other necessary ingredients to bake with her.

37. Dance with her, even when there isn’t any music playing.

38. Go down on her.

39. Call her on the phone (or video call her) so you can hear her voice.

40. Pick a flower and hand it to her on your next date.

41. Send her a good morning text to let her know you were thinking of her.

42. Share your hoodies with her.

43. Learn how to cook her favorite meal.

44. Give her your jacket when you notice her shivering.

45. Offer to drive her and her friends when they want to go out drinking together.

46. Do the dishes/laundry without her asking.

47. Kiss her on the forehead as she is falling asleep.

48. Like her selfies.

49. Hug her from behind.

50. Remind her you love her more than anything in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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