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10 Things That Won’t Scare The Right Guy Away

1. Tears. The right guy is not going to leave the room when he sees waterworks. He is going to wrap his arms around you and comfort you. He is going to try to make you feel better, and if that is not possible, he is going to make sure you know there is nothing wrong with releasing your emotions. He will encourage you to be open and honest with him instead of acting like you are a crazy person for having more feelings than happy and horny. He will admire your vulnerability. It will make him feel closer to you, it won’t convince him to distance himself from you.

2. Arguments. The right guy is not going to dump you after your first misunderstanding. He is going to sit down with you a few hours later and talk through whatever went wrong. He is going to be man enough to apologize, to admit where he screwed up, and to listen to your side of the story. He is not going to run away when the relationship gets a little more complicated than hugging and kissing. He is not going to use a silly argument as an excuse to leave. He is going to stay and he is going to fix things.

3. High expectations. The right guy is not going to be turned off by how high maintenance you are. He is not going to accuse you of being too picky. He is going to admire you for having standards and he is going to rise to meet them. He is going to treat you the way you deserve instead of wishing you were more insecure so he could take advantage of you.

4. Texts. The right guy is not going to think you are clingy or possessive for texting him twice in a row. He will be excited to hear from you. He will be flattered that you like talking to him as much as he likes talking to you.

5. Trust issues. The right guy is not going to fault you for having baggage. He is not going to throw a fit every time you ask him where he’s going and allow your insecurities to show. He is going to understand you need time to adjust to the relationship. He is going to understand you need reassurance about his feelings for you. He is not going to make you feel stupid for overthinking. He is going to see where you are coming from.

6. A slow pace. The right guy is not going to mind if you need to wait a little while before you are comfortable sleeping with him. Of course, he won’t judge you if you sleep with him on the first date either. He will be happy with whatever makes you happy.

7. Commitment. The right guy is not going to freak out when you ask him to be your official boyfriend, because he will be excited about committing to you. He will only want you. He won’t want to keep his options open, keep playing the field, keep stringing you along. He will be eager to take your relationship to the next level because you are the person he wants to spend all of his time alongside.

8. Your family. The right guy might get intimidated by your parents or siblings, but he is going to fight to make them like him. And even if their relationship is always strained, that is something he is willing to deal with, because he loves you enough to spend time with them.

9. Your work ethic. The right guy is not going to complain when you spend extra hours at the office. He will encourage you to follow your dreams. He would never want to take your hopes away from you. He wants you to feel fulfilled in every single aspect of your life, not just in your relationship.

10. Your looks. The right guy is not going to run away when he sees you without makeup for the first time or when you take off your clothes and are a few pounds heavier than the week before. He will love you exactly the way you are. He will think you are beautiful, even when you can’t say the same thing about yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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