Intelligent Girls Keep Their Hearts Guarded

An intelligent girl
Unsplash / Valerie Elash

Intelligent girls listen to logic over their gut. They will not enter a relationship based on attraction alone. They need a stronger connection than that. A spiritual one. An emotional one.

They keep their hearts guarded because most boys are undeserving of their love. They are not going to hand themselves over to someone who takes them for granted. Someone who sees them as a placeholder. Someone who expects to receive more than he is willing to give.

Intelligent girls are skeptics. Cynics. They are wise enough to know that most people are selfish. Most people will hurt them without thinking twice about it. 

That’s why these girls keep both eyes open. They watch for red flags. If they catch someone in a lie, they will not want anything to do with that person. They don’t let their emotions cloud their decisions. If their brain is telling them they are better off without a certain someone, then they will not hesitate to walk away.

Intelligent girls refuse to take part in drama. They do not want to fight for your attention. They do not want to decipher mixed signals. They do not want to search for holes in your stories. They do not want to be bothered with petty games.

If you play hard to get by ignoring their texts and then liking their photos, they will leave. If you expect them to chase after you, you will end up disappointed.

They are not interested in one-sided relationships. They are not willing to settle for less than they have earned. They know how valuable they are and they aren’t going to let anyone convince them otherwise.

Intelligent girls are aware that relationships aren’t everything is more than an old cliche. It’s the truth. They are independent. Self-sufficient. They can find happiness on their own. They are strong enough to hold themselves up without a boy to help them balance.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that intelligent girls close their hearts off completely. They are willing to take a chance on a relationship, as long as the other person seems worth the energy. 

Intelligent girls do not want to waste their time. They do not want to get involved with someone who will break their heart someday down the line. They are careful about who they allow into their world in order to protect themselves.

Intelligent girls won’t let themselves get attached easily, but once they fall in love, there is no turning back. They will treat you with respect, they will teach you new things, they will help you grow to your fullest potential.

Intelligent girls make the best girlfriends because once they know you can be trusted, they are not going to give up on you. They are going to encourage you and inspire you. They are going to be your best friend and your biggest motivator.

Intelligent girls keep their hearts guarded for most of their life, but once they let those hearts out of their cages, they will love you unconditionally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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