The Most Intelligent Girls Will Not Put Up With Mixed Signals

Girl who hates mixed signals
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Intelligent girls only date boys who make them a first priority. They are not a back-up plan, a second choice, or a side chick.

They are either your all or are nothing at all. They are either your girlfriend or the girl that you could have had. They never settle for anything in between.

They aren’t going to deal with you after you’ve made it clear that they are low on your list of priorities. They aren’t going to text you three times in a row if you fail to answer the first time. They aren’t going to ask you out to dinner if you have turned them down before. They aren’t going to chase after you if you seem uninterested.

Intelligent girls are smart enough to see through your charades. They can tell when you’re playing games instead of revealing your authentic self, when you’re sending mixed signals instead of being upfront with them.

They are too busy with their friendships and careers and families to try to figure out who you really are. They want you to be truthful from the start. They want you to be raw and vulnerable and real.

If you are the kind of person who pretends that you care less than you do, the kind of person who would rather appear heartless than big-hearted, then they know you are a waste of their time. They have been with boys like you before, and that didn’t end well.

Intelligent girls see mixed signals for what they really are — proof that you don’t care about them as much as you should. Evidence that you are not going to treat them the way that they deserve, because you are not fully committed to the idea of dating them.

They are smart enough to know that mixed signals only happen when you are going back and forth about how you feel. When a part of you wants to be with them but another part of you wants to keep your options open, to stay single for a little longer.

Intelligent girls know that, if you really liked them, you wouldn’t risk ruining the relationship. You would text back as soon as you got the chance instead of keeping them waiting. You would set up a date with them and wouldn’t dream of showing up five minutes late, let alone canceling.

If you really wanted to create a life alongside them, you would treat them right to make sure that they stayed. And if you’re not doing that, then they’re not doing you.

Intelligent girls are not going to waste their time looking at every photograph you like on Instagram, examining every snap story you post, and rereading through every text you send to find hidden meaning.

If they realize that you’ve been sending mixed signals, they have already learned all they need to know — that you like them, but you don’t like them enough.

Intelligent girls might seem like they have sky-high standards, but that’s only because they refuse to settle for half-ass love. They refuse to be walked over, to get taken advantage of by some boy who doesn’t see how much they are truly worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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