Perfect Girls

Stop Looking For Perfect Girls Because They Do Not Exist

Here’s the real deal with so-called perfect girls.

Perfect Girls Have Insecurities, Too

The girls who seem perfect, who seem like they have it all together, are dealing with their own secret insecurities. 

Just because she steps out of the house looking beautiful each day does not mean that she likes what she sees when she glances in the mirror. 

Just because she has a boyfriend who spreads pictures of her across social media does not mean she is immune to loneliness. 

Perfect Girl With Long Hair

Just because she has a career in her desired field does not mean she considers herself successful.

Just because she has a tight group of friends does not mean she never has moments where she suffers from social anxiety.

Just because you consider her perfect does not mean she views herself the same way.

The truth is, she has insecurities, just like everybody else.

She has spent money she should have been saving on makeup and clothes to make her feel better about herself.

She has experienced heartache and loss and grief when someone she loved left her to rot.

She has had moments where she wondered whether she was going to spend the rest of her life alone because it seemed like nobody really understood her.

When you see her in public, she might look like she knows what she is doing, but inside she is struggling. She has doubts about whether she is walking down the right path or has fallen off track. She has questions ping-ponging through her mind all day long.

Perfect girls are playing a part. They are smiling when people expect them to smile. They are laughing on cue. They are acting as if they are completely happy with their world, but when they get home and climb into bed, they have fears just like the rest of us.

Perfect Girls

Before sleep, they replay embarrassing moments in their head. They worry about what is coming tomorrow. They run through the worst case scenarios. The let their insecurities eat them alive. 

Even though strangers might scroll through their social media and assume they are living their dream life, they are far from it. They aren’t where they want to be yet. They have goals they are still trying to reach. They have dreams they aren’t even close to accomplishing.

They struggle with self-love, just like everybody else does. They don’t realize how valuable they are, even if they are reminded of their worth every single day. They don’t see the beauty in themselves that everyone else sees.

Perfect Girls

The reality is, perfect girls have insecurities, too. They just hide them better than most people.

She just wishes others would realize that her ‘perfect life’ did not come naturally to her. She worked her ass off to reach the place where she is standing today. She did not get her success handed to her. She had to fight for everything she has, no exceptions.

Stop Looking For Perfect Girls Because They Do Not Exist

You are never going to find a girl who is excited to give you a blowjob before you ask for one, but never expects you to give oral in return. You are never going to find a girl who agrees to stay loyal to you and only you, but lets you sleep around without getting jealous. You are never going to find a girl who gives you everything you want on a silver platter without asking for anything, even your respect, in return. 

You might find a girl who pretends to be okay with all this because she likes you and will do anything to keep you around. But your relationship with her won’t be authentic. You will be killing her inside. You will slowly chip away at her self-worth. You will make her feel like she isn’t enough. 

You can’t expect a girl to dress sexy for you, have sex with you, and remain faithful to you without exerting any effort in return. You can’t think of such a one-sided relationship as perfect.

You can have a casual relationship. You can have a serious relationship. But you can’t have a mixture of both. You can’t continue playing the field while she sits at home, wondering when you are coming back. You can’t consider yourself single and consider her taken. You can’t act that hypocritical.

The perfect version of a girl in your head, the one who comes over to sleep with you and never sleeps with anybody else but never asks for a relationship label either, is far from perfect.

The kind of girl you should be searching for is the one who is willing to go out of her way to make you happy, but expects you to do the same in return. She is the one who would never dream of kissing anybody else, but expects you to feel the same way. 

You shouldn’t be searching for a girl who lets you trample all over her heart. A girl who is crazy about you, but you feel lukewarm about. A girl who you could easily hurt but she won’t hurt you. A girl who lets you have all the power. A girl who will treat you like her boyfriend, minus the nagging and early morning texts and asking you to meet her family. That’s not fair to her.

You should be searching for a girl with high standards. A girl who won’t let you walk all over her. A girl who does more than make you orgasm. A girl who makes you laugh. Who makes you feel at peace. Who makes you feel the most yourself. 

Change your version of what a perfect girl looks like, because you are looking for the wrong thing. You are looking for someone who will make you happy temporarily instead of someone who will make you happy for a whole lifetime.

perfect girls

‘Perfect Girls’ Are The Ones Who Realize They Are Flawed

Perfect Girls

The girls who are closest to perfection are the ones who realize they are never going to be perfect. They are the girls who embrace their insecurities, because being ashamed of themselves is a waste of their time and energy.

They are the girls who spill beer onto their dress and shrug it off because they are the first to admit how clumsy they are. 

They are the girls who are able to make a mistake at work or have a nasty argument with their parents and laugh about it later with their friends. 

They are the girls who make deprecating jokes about the features they hate the most about themselves. 

They are the girls who look back on unflattering photographs and smile at the memories they shared instead of zoning in on their supposed flaws. 

They are the girls who don’t mind leaving the house when their hair has split ends and their outfit is covered in dog hair.

They are the girls who are authentic. Who are never apologetic. Who know exactly who they are and are happy being themselves. 

These girls realize they are far from perfect. When it comes to things they are in control of changing, they put in the effort to become a better person, to grow toward the future they were destined to find. They are determined to do better every damn day. 

But they have learned to accept the things they have no control over. They aren’t going to waste their time whining about the way they were born looking. They know beauty comes in many shapes and forms. They know the size of their nose or their stomach matters a lot less than the size of their heart.

When they look into the mirror, there might be a few features that bother them, but they never let one small aspect (that nobody else even notices except them) make them feel like crap. They are going to decide they look damn good and walk out of the house with their head held high.

These girls realize they are not perfect. They are comfortable with who they are. They are proud of who they are.

They have high standards, because they never let their insecurities convince them to settle for less than they deserve. They never let someone else’s incorrect opinion of them sway their opinion of themselves. They never let their worth get defined by outsiders.

“Perfect girls” are the ones who realize they are only human. There is always going to be something they dislike about themselves. There is always going to be a nasty voice inside their head, telling them they are not enough.

But these girls push that voice into the background. They believe in themselves. They believe they are good enough.

Even though they are not the technical definition of perfect, they are the perfect version of themselves. They are perfect to the people who love and cherish them. And they are going to find someone who is perfect for them.

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