You Are Strong For Making It Through 2017

Girl in 2017
Unsplash / Sonnie Hiles

You might look back on 2017 and feel like a failure because you are still working that part-time job you hate and living at home with your parents and trying to acquire enough credits to earn your degree. You might feel like you accomplished nothing throughout the last twelve months. You might feel like the year was a complete waste.

You didn’t find your forever person. You didn’t land your dream job. You didn’t reach half of the milestones that you were hoping to complete by 2018 and that’s sending you into an existential crisis. It’s making you wonder if you’re ever going to get where you’re aiming to go.

But you’re looking at things the wrong way.

Your 2017 was not a failure. Your 2017 was a success because you are still alive and breathing, heart beating. You are still here after all of the bullshit that the year brought you.

You should be proud of yourself for making it through. For surviving another 365 days. That takes strength.

Think of all the bullshit you dealt with this year. You lost touch with friends you thought would stick by your side forever. You had falling outs with family members that you thought you could trust. You lost loved ones to heaven. You lost yourself in your sadness and anger.

There were days when you dealt with hangovers. With headaches. With coughs and colds. There were other days when you dealt with mixed signals. With answered texts and canceled plans. With broken hearts.

You went through hell this year — but you made it through. You survived. And now you are more powerful than ever. Your pain has strengthened you. It has helped you grow.

Your 2017 was not a failure because you learned essential lessons this year. Now, you know what kind of toxic people you should keep far away from your world to reduce your stress. Now, you know how much you are able to handle before you snap and lose your sanity. Now, you know to cherish the loved ones that are still alive so that you don’t regret it when they’re gone. Now, you know a little bit more about yourself and the way you want to live your life to completion.

The best part is that you get to go into 2018 with the knowledge that you can conquer anything the world tosses your way. You are a warrior. You are a badass who is going to find their way to success.

Instead of going into the new year feeling like a failure, accept that you are doing your best. You are trying your hardest. You are beating this world and that’s a tough thing to do.

Don’t you dare go into 2018 thinking that there is going to be a repeat in history. Let yourself think positive. Let yourself believe that this is the year you are going to accomplish everything your heart wants. But if your best accomplishment ends up being that you make it to 2019 in one piece, that’s okay too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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