In 2018, Be Strong Enough To Say Goodbye

Girl ready to say goodbye in 2018
Unsplash / Lane Jackman

In 2018, say goodbye to your baggage. Don’t let the toxic relationships from your past taint your new relationships. Don’t run away from love because you have been hurt before. Don’t give up on your career because you were rejected once before. Don’t let your failures stop you. Don’t let your fears stop you. Let yourself be open and vulnerable and raw and real. Let yourself be yourself.

In 2018, say goodbye to your self-doubt. Say goodbye to your hesitation. Chase after your dreams. Run after what you want. Stop coming up with reasons why you should settle. Keep your expectations high. Create the life you have always dreamed of living. Don’t give up until you reach your goals.

In 2018, say goodbye to your timeline. Stop assuming that you should reach certain milestones by 21 and 25 and 30. Realize that everyone moves at their own pace. Accept that you are doing the best that you can and there is no reason to feel bad about still being single or still working a part-time job or still living with your parents. Stop being so hard on yourself because life is rough and you are handling it like a survivor.

In 2018, say goodbye to the toxic people in your life. The people who bring you more stress than comfort. The people who you dread seeing, because they are draining. The people who are dragging you down with them. The people who belong in your past, but haven’t earned a place in your future.

In 2018, say goodbye to your toxic mindset. Say goodbye to the negative things you say to yourself whenever you pass a mirror. Say goodbye to your insecurities. Say goodbye to your self-consciousness. Say goodbye to the days where you acted like your own worst enemy instead of your own best friend.

In 2018, say goodbye to your past. Stop thinking about the good old days. Stop glorifying what used to be. Stop staying up late at night, replaying your worst memories inside your head again and again on a loop. Stop torturing yourself with things you cannot change. Stop focusing on yesterday instead of zooming in on tomorrow.

In 2018, say goodbye to your unhealthy habits. Say goodbye to your nail biting, your hair pulling, your cigarette smoking, your couch lounging, your behavior analyzing. Say goodbye to excuses about why you are going to skip the gym and skip class. Say goodbye to your laziness. Say goodbye to your procrastination.

In 2018, say goodbye to your jealousy. Instead of wishing you had more money, put in the work that will earn you a promotion. Instead of wishing you looked more like someone else, change your hairstyle and your skincare routine. Instead of passively wishing your life would change, take action to make a change. Do something about your unhappiness. Actively become the person you always wish you were.

In 2018, say goodbye to mediocrity. Don’t accept less than you deserve. Know what you are worthy of having — and don’t you dare stop until you get it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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