This Is Why So Many Introverts End Up In Toxic Relationships

Drew Wilson

Introverts end up in toxic relationships, because they’re capable of taking care of themselves. They don’t need anyone’s help to make money or to clean their apartment or to keep them entertained.

But some introverts take this too far and think it’s okay that their partner isn’t around to wipe away their tears and help them up when they fall. They think it’s okay that their partner is leaving them to fend for themselves.

Introverts end up in toxic relationships because they never ask for much. They don’t expect their partner to take them out on expensive dates and text them back after two seconds. They’re happy with the basics.

And some people will take advantage of that fact. Some people will use an introvert’s kindness as an excuse not to do anything nice for them. As an excuse to avoid spoiling them.

Introverts end up in toxic relationships because they are givers. Good listeners. The kind of people who don’t mind if their partner talks and talks without ever asking any questions.

They can easily be walked over, because they try to make their partner happy, even if that means sacrificing their own needs. They don’t care about themselves. Not really. They care more about their loved ones.

Introverts end up in toxic relationships, because they sell themselves short. Because they don’t believe they deserve special attention, so when their partner fails to give it to them, they never bat an eye.

They assume that their toxic relationship is a normal relationship. They never see the red flags until it’s too late.

Introverts end up in toxic relationships because they don’t click with many people. It’s rare for them to find someone they feel comfortable around, someone that they are willing to sacrifice alone time for. When they find a person like that, they cling to them.

Even if the relationship goes downhill fast, they try their hardest to fix what’s broken because they don’t want to say goodbye. They don’t want to ruin whatever they have built over one small misunderstanding.

Introverts hate confrontation as much as they hate change. They would rather turn a blind eye and hope that things will get better than start an unwanted argument. They would rather accept poor treatment than fight about it.

Besides, they’re always worried about coming across as too emotional. About overreacting when the problem isn’t even that big of a deal in the first place. So they keep their sadness inside. They force themselves not to cry.

Introverts end up in toxic relationships, because even though they would never admit it, they want to be liked. They want to feel needed. They want to be in a relationship that lasts.

Introverts are honest and trustworthy people — and they assume that their partner shares those morals. They assume that their partner would never hurt them.

They assume that everyone is as faithful and thoughtful as they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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