Why You Should Stay Single In 2018

A single girl in 2018
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Stay single because 2018 is the year for self-discovery. It is the year for you to figure out what kind of person is hiding inside of you. For you to chase after your career dreams. For you to wander after your wildest ideas. For you to learn to love yourself. For you to grow into the future version of yourself.

Stay single because love is only a stepping stone to happiness. It can help lead you there, but it is not a bridge that will take you all the way. To find true happiness, you must find yourself. Find your passion. Find what makes your heart thump louder and your pulse pump fire. Happiness will not be found between a pair of lips. It will only be found deep inside of yourself.

Stay single because there is no correlation between relationship status and self-fulfillment. Dating someone is not going to magically make your missing pieces seal into something whole. Dating someone is not going to erase your insecurities. It is not going to unpack your baggage. It is not going to save you from yourself. It is not the answer you have been scouring the universe to find.

Stay single because your timeline is not set in concrete. The milestones you grew up believing you should reach by your twenties are constantly shifting beneath your feet. You have a lifetime to find your forever person. You have an eternity to reach your final destination. You are not wasting your time. You are not running out of time. Time is an illusion.

Stay single because you are doing well for yourself. You are inching closer to success by the second. You cannot let questions about your love life dissuade you from forging forward on the path you have created for yourself. You cannot let others opinions convince you that you are falling behind, that you are losing the battle, that you are lesser. You do not have to say you are happy being single. You can say you are happy. You do not need a qualifier.

Stay single because there are a million accomplishments awaiting you that have nothing to do with romance. You can furnish your first apartment. You can adopt your first shelter dog. You can grow gardens and browse bookshops and take flights overseas. There are unlimited experiences at your fingertips. There are a million possibilities that are available to you at any given moment and you should not let them pass by quietly.

In 2018, stay single unless you find someone who reaches your spiritual and emotional standards. Someone who makes you feel like it would be a ridiculous act of self-destruction to turn them down. Someone who you cannot resist pressing your lips firmly against because they deserve every ounce of your love. Someone who has gone out of their way to earn your affection. Your attention. Your best and your worst attitudes.

In 2018, stay single unless you are given a good enough reason to change your mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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