If You Don’t Feel Any Sparks, Then You Should Stay Single

Girl who wants to stay single
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If the sight of their name on your phone screen doesn’t make you break into a grin, then you should stay single. If locking eyes with them from across the room doesn’t bring butterflies swarming through your stomach, then you should stay single. If pressing your lips against them doesn’t make you feel like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, then you should stay single.

Don’t date someone who bores you. Don’t date someone who mismatches you. Don’t date someone just because you are sick of being single.

Only date someone who makes you feel alive. Someone who makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning, excited to drive through traffic for an hour to visit them, excited to go grocery shopping hand-in-hand. Someone who makes you look forward to the little, mundane things that you usually wouldn’t think twice about.

Date someone who you are attracted to physically and emotionally. Someone you could kiss for hours or talk to for hours.

Date someone who makes you stop feeling numb. Someone who makes you happy when they show up unexpectedly on your front stoop because you want to spend as much time together as possible. Someone who makes you upset when they are upset because you hate seeing them that way. Someone who makes you angry when they forget to wear a seatbelt or refuse to visit a doctor because you would be devastated if anything happened to them.

Date someone who makes you feel every emotion under the sun — but mostly the good ones. The ones that make you forget about your exes. The ones that make you excited for your future. The ones that make you think you could spend a lifetime together without ever growing bored.

Date someone who you care about as much as you care about yourself. Someone who you feel connected to in more than a physical way. Someone you cannot imagine living without because you make so much sense together.

However, if you count down the minutes until you can leave their house instead of counting down the hours until you see them again, then stay single.

If you are relieved when they cancel plans with you at the last second instead of disappointed, then you should stay single.

If you think about how you would rather be hanging out with your friends or sleeping in your own bed whenever you hang out with them, then you should stay single.

If you feel nothing at all when they touch you, hug you, or kiss you, then you should stay single.

If you like the version of them you daydream about in your head more than the real, flesh and blood person standing right in front of you, then you should stay single.

If you don’t feel any sparks, then you should stay single, because relationships are meant to excite you. They are meant to enhance your days. You are meant to be even happier with them than you were without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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