This Is How You Will Lose The Girl Who Loves Herself

A girl who loves herself
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You will lose her by assuming she will put up with your bullshit. By thinking she will accept your poor treatment instead of coming to her senses and leaving you behind.

You will lose her by not telling her what she means to you. By never putting a label on your relationship. By making her guess whether you care about her or whether you are only stringing her along.

You will lose her by sending mixed signals. By placing her as a second choice as opposed to your first priority. By failing to meet the high standards she has for the people she surrounds herself with.

You will lose her by waiting hours to answer her texts, by leaving her on read, and then expecting her to answer you right away at two in the morning. You will lose her by canceling plans with her at the last second and then expecting her to come over the second you mention you need plans for the night.

You will lose her by assuming she will always stick around. By thinking that you can say and do anything to her and she will stay. By underestimating how much she is willing to put up with from you.

You will lose her by giving her half of your heart and assuming that will be enough for her. By taking from her more than you give. By only treating her well when it is convenient for you and ignoring her the rest of the time.

You will lose her by taking her soft heart for granted. By not realizing how good you have it when she texts you first thing in the morning and asks for details about your day and surprises you at work. By not appreciating the little things that she does for you out of the kindness of her heart.

You will lose her by wondering what else is out there. By letting your eyes wander when you see other pretty girls walk past. By keeping your options open instead of entering a serious relationship with her.

You will lose her by letting her down. By wasting all of the second chances she hands to you. By disappointing her until she cannot keep you in her life for any longer.

You will lose her by assuming that she is willing to settle for almost relationships, for missed calls, for unanswered messages. By assuming that she doesn’t care about relationship labels or serious commitments. By assuming that she will give you everything you want while she is stuck wishing she had more.

You will lose her by making her doubt herself, by making her question her own worth. She might blame herself for a while, but eventually, she will remember what she deserves. She will realize that she should not be wasting her time with someone who makes her feel unattractive and unlovable. She will decide that you are not good enough for her. She will decide to leave and she will never once look back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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