You Are Going To Lose Her If You Keep Treating Her Like A Second Choice

Girl treated like a second choice
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You are going to lose her if you wait hours to answer her texts. If you watch her snap story, but won’t click on the snap she sent directly to you. If you ignore her all day long and claim you’ve been too busy to check your phone, even though she has seen the posts you made on Twitter and Instagram.

You are going to lose her if you only invite her over after the clock has struck midnight and your stomach is filled with liquor. If you only send the first text after seeing an attractive picture she posted. If you make it obvious that you only want her around when you are bored and lonely.

You are going to lose her if you lie to her about stupid little things. If your stories never add up. If she can’t trust a word that comes out of your mouth because you’re always twisting something to make yourself look better.

You are going to lose her if you assume that she will always be there for you when you’ve been acting this way. If you assume that she is going to keep bending over backwards for you when you won’t do half as much for her.

You can’t expect her to drive over to your house at the last second when you could have invited her days, or even hours, earlier.

You can’t expect her to answer your messages two minutes after you sent them out when you’ve been ignoring her texts for several days.

You can’t expect her to turn down dates with other boys when you refuse to put a label on your relationship.

You can’t expect her to act like your girlfriend when you refuse to become her official boyfriend.

And you can’t expect her to like you as much as she used to after you put her through so much bullshit.

You might think that you can take advantage of her because she is so sweet. Because she never starts any drama with you. Because she always treats you like you are flawless.

But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. Don’t mistake her vulnerability for gullibility.

You are going to lose her if you treat her like she means nothing to you, because she knows what she deserves. She has high standards. Up until this point, she has given you a million chances — but those chances aren’t going to last forever. She will reach a breaking point. Eventually, she will walk away without a single glance back.

When that happens, you are going to lose someone who treated you right.

You are going to lose someone who let you make several mistakes before finally saying she was done.

You are going to lose someone you had so many chances to set things right with.

Be careful, because you are going to lose her if you keep treating her like a second choice. You are going to lose her if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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