The Strongest Couples Are Best Friends First

Best friends
Unsplash / William Recinos

The strongest couples go on dates that are fun, not just dates that are romantic. They visit amusement parks together and hold hands on roller coasters. They go to the arcade together and compete for the highest score. They watch comedies together and make jokes the entire time. They have fun whenever they are in the same room.

The strongest couples don’t only love each other, they actually like each other. They enjoy spending time together. They would rather watch movies and shop for groceries and take naps together than on their own. Everything is more exciting when they are side-by-side.

The strongest couples know what to say to make each other laugh. They know exactly what to do when their person is in a bad mood. They know which song or dance or youtube video will cheer them up the fastest.

The strongest couples can have a great time together without getting intimate. Without clothing coming off. Without things getting physical. The strongest couples love being around each other, even when they don’t get an orgasm out of the deal. They like each other for more than their bodies. They actually like their intelligence, their dedication, and their sense of humor, too.

The strongest couples tell each other everything. They talk about work. They talk about their families. They talk about their other friends. They give each other good news and bad news. They don’t hide anything. They don’t keep secrets. They are completely open.

The strongest couples laugh together. They have a million inside jokes to share. They have weird nicknames for each other that they aren’t embarrassed about using in public. They know exactly what to say when they want to tease each other but they never take it too far.

The strongest couples try new things together. They take vacations together. They sign up for classes together. They taste new foods and travel to new places together. If one person wants to see a certain concert or eat at a certain restaurant, then the other person is always willing to tag along.

The strongest couples can’t go a day without talking to each other. They send each other the dumbest jokes. They tag each other on social media just to be annoying. They aren’t afraid to send double or triple texts. They are completely comfortable with each other.

The strongest couples consider each other family, even if there isn’t any paperwork to make it official yet. They spend holidays together. They carpool to parties together. They are each other’s plus-one. They are a packaged deal.

The strongest couples act as a team. They have their own separate lives, and they realize they can’t be together all of the time, but they always support each other. They encourage each other. They have each other’s backs.

The strongest couples are best friends. They love spending time together, even if they aren’t doing anything more than lounging on the couch for the evening. They just love each other’s company. They love being in the same room. They love sharing their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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