She Cared About You So Much That She Stopped Caring About Herself

Girl who cares about her boyfriend
Unsplash / Nicole Harrington

She cared about your happiness more than she ever cared about her own. That is why she gave you so many chances.

She let you leave the house without telling her where you were going and then welcomed you with open arms when you wandered back inside. She let you drink until you blacked out and then wiped away your messes. She let you make mistakes and then calmed you down in the morning when you were ready to apologize for them.

She kept loving you, even when you didn’t deserve her love. She kept trying, even when you decided to give up.

Every time you let her down, she chose to keep her faith in you. Whenever you gave her a reason to walk away, she stood by your side instead. She promised to help you through your hardships. She believed you could change. She believed your relationship could outlast any issue.

She stayed for longer than she should have because she loved you more than she loved herself. Instead of taking care of herself, she took care of you. Instead of worrying about herself, she worried about you. 

She cared about you so much that she stopped caring about herself. She stopped hanging out with her friends. She stopped smiling. She stopped laughing. She stopped doing things for herself because she was always doing things for you. You were everything to her.

She cared about you so much that she forgot that she had standards. She let her expectations drop. She let you treat her like shit.

She cared about you so much that she lost track of herself. She lost her identity. She lost her independence. She lost her desire to do anything other than make you happy.

She cared about you so much that she let everything else in her life slide. Her work. Her friendships. Her family. Her mental health. Her physical health. She put them all on the back-burner to make sure you were okay.

She cared about you so much that she sacrificed her own sanity. She lived through hell instead of packing up and leaving. She kept trusting you again and loving you again, even though you gave her more reasons to drink than to smile. Even though you gave her more reasons to question herself than to love herself.

There was nothing more she could have done for you. She gave you everything she had and it still wasn’t good enough. You still decided that you wanted something more — or maybe something different.

But now, she is going to make a change. She is going to put herself first for a change. She is going to stop putting your needs in front of her own.

She is going to make her own friends. She is going to follow her own passions. She is going to live her own life.

After wasting so much time caring about you instead of caring about herself, she is finally going to make the smart choice. She is finally going to leave you. She is finally going to find happiness again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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