Stop Looking For Love, Look For Your Passion Instead

Girl looking for her passion
Unsplash / Ansley Ventura

Stop spending every spare moment swiping through dating apps that only serve to disappoint you. Stop glancing at your phone screen, waiting for someone who only half-cares to text you back. Stop playing into the idea that love is everything and desperately wishing that you had someone to kiss your lips goodnight.

Stop putting so much emphasis on finding your person when you should be searching for something greater.

Instead of searching every corner of the earth for someone you love, you should be searching for something you love. For your passion. For the reason why you were placed on this planet. For the one thing that gives you happiness unlike anything else has before.

When you stop spending every waking moment looking for love, you give yourself a chance to renew your focus on yourself. On finding what makes you tick, what makes you smile wide, what makes you you. You open yourself up to unlimited possibilities. You give yourself the chance to unlock barred doors. To discover pieces of yourself that you never knew existed.

You might have a hollywood version of romance in your head where finding your forever person makes everything fall into place, but that is far from the truth. You won’t know yourself any better than once you find your passion. Once you learn what causes you genuine joy. Once you see the person you truly are beneath your skin.

Finding your passion is like finding a missing piece of yourself. It is like relearning who you are and what you want from this chaotic world.

The next time you find yourself upset about someone who canceled plans or ignored your messages or made you cry, make a promise to yourself to rearrange your priorities. Instead of focusing on finding someone who will love you back, focus on finding something that will make you love life. Something that will get you excited to wake up in the morning, even if the alarm chimes at 6 AM. Something that you are confident bragging about whenever you meet your friends for drinks or family for dinner.

Find something that makes you feel like your days aren’t wasted. That makes you feel like you’ve been doing something worthwhile with your waking hours. That makes you feel proud of yourself, like you are on the right path, like you are growing into the person you are meant to become.

Find something that brings excitement into your life, so you don’t have to be stuck in a dead-end job doing something you only tolerate. So you don’t have to wake up every morning, already counting down the hours until you can sleep again. So you don’t have to rely on another person to bring you the happiness you should be able to create for yourself.

One day, you are going to find love when you least expect it. You will find your person without actively looking for them. But your passion, your mission, your meaning? You have to put effort into searching for it or you will never discover it. You have to make it a priority. You have to go out and fight for it. TC mark

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