Honestly, Life Is Too Short To Waste With Someone Like You

Girl who realizes life is too short
Unsplash / Makhmutova Dina

Life is too short to deal with your bullshit. Your fake apologies. Your repeated mistakes.

Life is too short to waste with someone who doesn’t value me. With someone who only cares about me sometimes. With someone whose version of love differs so drastically from mine.

Life is too short to keep coming back to you. To keep letting you hurt me. To keep letting you look me in the eyes and lie to me like it’s easy for you.

Life is too short to answer your texts when I know that you have been texting other people too. To act like I believe what you’re saying when you have proven countless times that you cannot be trusted. That you cannot stay true.

Life is too short to stay up until midnight, screaming about you or at you. Wishing that you would take me seriously. Hoping that things will eventually change, that the love I have for you will convince you to treat me with more respect.

Life is too short to pretend that I am happy with you when half of the time I am miserable. Half of the time, you act like I mean nothing to you. Like you are better off without me. You swap back and forth between acting like I am the only one you want and the last person you want. You are the definition of confusion. You are a mess of mixed signals.

Life is too short for your constant excuses about where you have been and why you didn’t answer my messages. For your alligator tears every time that you get caught and want to convince me to forgive you. For your inability to meet even my lowest expectations.

Life is too short to have the same arguments with you over and over again. I am tired of repeating myself. I am tired of drawing a line in the sand and watching you cross it. I am sick of being stuck in the same self-destructive cycle instead of finding an escape.

I don’t want to keep existing instead of living. I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize that I have wasted years of my life on someone who never deserved a minute of my time. I don’t want to have any regrets going further. I don’t want to keep you in my world if it means that I am going to lose out on the happiness that I deserve.

That is why I am finally realizing that life is too short to waste with someone like you. Someone who thinks the world is against them but the world also owes them something. Someone who takes without giving anything in return. Someone who treats me like an afterthought. Someone who treats me like nothing.

Life is too short to put myself in a situation where I am used. Where I am taken advantage of. Where I am unappreciated. Where I am not given the love that I deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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