I Want Someone Honest, Someone Who Never Hides How He Feels

Girl who wants someone honest
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I don’t want someone who lies. Who cheats. Who acts like he’s still single, even though we have been talking for weeks and are past the point of casual. 

I want someone who is honest. Reliable. Worthy of my time and effort.

I don’t want someone who sends mixed signals. Who waits for me to text first. Who takes hours to answer my messages or ignores me completely in some twisted version of hard to get. 

I want someone who will text me the second I pop into his head. Someone who will tell me when he heard a song or saw a t-shirt that reminded him of me. Someone who will admit when he doesn’t really have anything to say, but wanted to talk to me anyway.

I don’t want someone who hides me away in the depths of his apartment. Who will never take me out for dinner because there is a risk that we will be seen. Who doesn’t want anyone to know about us because that would be like making a commitment and he isn’t ready for that sort of thing.

I want someone who will invite me into their childhood home to meet his parents. Someone who will bring me out with friends so we can all get to know each other. Someone who will change his relationship status online and switch his profile picture to the two of us because he is proud to show me off.

I don’t want someone who acts like just a friend when other people are around. Who only kisses me in the privacy of an empty room. Who waits until we’re one-on-one to talk about how much he missed me and loves being around me.

I want someone who will hold my hand in public. Who will kiss my cheek in front of their friends. Who will tell me how much he cares about me, no matter how many other people are around to overhear.

I don’t want someone who rotates in and out of my life. Someone who picks and chooses when to pay attention to me. Someone who thinks it’s okay to act one way one day and completely different the next day.

I want someone who is ready to go all-in. Someone who is able to make promises that he will actually keep. Someone who is prepared for a real commitment.

I don’t want someone who tiptoes around his feelings. Who lies about what I mean to him. Who acts like he is emotionless because he is scared of letting his guard down and letting me inside.

I want someone who will wear his heart on his sleeve. Someone who isn’t afraid of appearing vulnerable. Someone who will look me straight in the eyes and tell me how he feels so that I never have to question his intentions.

I don’t want someone who speaks so vaguely and mysteriously that I have to analyze every word. I want someone who will be honest with me from the beginning. I want someone I can trust. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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