This Is What Happens When You Hurt A Strong Girl

A strong girl
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When you hurt a strong girl, you throw her off balance. She is used to having control over her emotions. Usually, she can handle anything that life throws at her. But when you break her heart, she needs time to recover. To stay in bed, hitting snooze. To cry her eyes out behind closed doors. To question whether or not she is ever going to find authentic love. These moments might make her feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, weak, but they are necessary steps toward her healing.

When you hurt a strong girl, you make her reconsider her priorities. You make her wonder why she ever allowed someone like you into her life, why she ever let her standards drop so low. You make her think about what else this universe has to offer her, about how much more she wants to experience, aside from love. You make her see clearly again. You make her remember who she is again.

When you hurt a strong girl, you will see firsthand how strong she really is. You will watch her walk away without screaming at you or keying your car. You will watch her walk away with her self-respect, self-confidence, and dignity still intact. You will watch her walk away and wonder why you decided to let her go in the first place.

When you hurt a strong girl, you are going to lose her in every possible way. You are going to be erased from all of her social media accounts. Your name is going to be deleted from her phone and from her vocabulary. You are going to become a part of her past, because she is not the kind of person who allows toxicity to linger in her life.

When you hurt a strong girl, you only wound her temporarily. She won’t spend the rest of her life thinking of you as the one who got away. As soon as she gives herself enough time to grieve the end of your relationship, she will look back on your memories with a smile. She won’t regret them or hurt when she thinks about them, because she will realize that being with you helped shape her into a better person. A person who now knows what she deserves.

When you hurt a strong girl, you are helping her become even stronger. You are giving her permission to move on, to focus on herself, to decide what she is and is not willing to accept in future relationships. You are giving her the chance to explore her options. To find someone who matches her better. And more importantly, to find herself.

When you hurt a strong girl, you are only hurting yourself. You are giving up the opportunity to spend a lifetime with someone who would treat you with respect, who would pick you up when you’re down, who would put in every ounce of effort she can possibly give. You are losing someone faithful, someone truthful, someone who has a heart made of diamonds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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