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The Reason Why Boys Fall In Love With Strong Girls

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A strong girl
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Boys fall in love with strong girls because it is less pressure. He doesn’t have to pay for every meal. He doesn’t have to pick her up for every date. He doesn’t have to feel like he is the only reason in the world for her happiness. She is independent. She is self-sufficient. She can create her own happiness. She doesn’t actually need him. She only keeps him around because she wants him.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because strength is attractive. Her passion for her career, her relationships, and her life as a whole is attractive. The fact that she knows her worth is attractive. The fact that she is going to put him in his place when he screws up instead of letting him walk all over her is attractive. Everything about her personality adds to her beauty.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because relationships are a two-way street. He needs support, too. He needs someone to listen, too. He needs someone who is going to help him through his darkest days. Someone who is going to be there to encourage him when he feels like losing hope. Someone who isn’t going to let anything knock her down for long, because she always gets back up again.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because relationships are about growth. A strong girl will make him want to be an even better person. She will inspire him to become the best version of himself. She will push him toward success. She will help him create the dream life that he never imagined would become a reality.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because the truth matters. A strong girl is never going to lie in order to get herself out of a sticky situation. She is going to own up to her mistakes. She is going to be honest, even when the truth is painful. She is going to stay authentic, even when it would be easier to wear a mask.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because there is a better chance that the relationship will last if she knows how to handle conflict. If she knows how to have an adult conversation about a problem instead of breaking down at the first sign of an issue. If she can fight through the problems that pop up instead of giving up, running away, leaving the relationship without a glance back.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because there is nothing sexier than someone who knows what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it. She has high standards. She has big dreams. She has lifelong aspirations that she doesn’t just fantasize about, but actually puts in the work to achieve. She works her ass off when it comes to her career, and she will do the same when it comes to love.

Boys fall in love with strong girls because it is impossible to resist someone so enthused about life. TC mark

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