Even The Smartest Girls End Up Getting Hurt By Stupid Boys

A Smart Girl
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Even the smartest girls make stupid decisions when it comes to love. They forgive people who aren’t even sorry about hurting them. They try again with someone who doesn’t actually deserve a second chance. They trust someone who has already proven that he cannot stay loyal.

Even the smartest girls allow themselves to be treated like shit. They let someone go days without texting back. They let someone cancel plans at the last second. They let someone use them, discard them, and then reenter their life as if nothing happened.

Even the smartest girls make stupid excuses for the people they love. They will act like they are fine with the treatment they are getting. They will act like they believe the false promises thrown at them. They will act like they have forgotten about the nasty fight from last night because they don’t want to miss out on the fun tomorrow.

Even the smartest girls, who are okay with being single and know their inner worth, end up upset over boys who are beneath them. They cry alone in bathrooms and bedrooms. They mope to their friends about how they can’t figure out what went wrong. They drink to keep him off their mind and have it backfire when they text him something stupid and slurred.

Even the smartest girls choose their partners over themselves. They sacrifice their own self-respect and sanity to avoid chasing the other person away. They bend over backwards to please the person who puts in zero effort, just so that person doesn’t decide to leave.

Even the smartest girls end up in toxic relationships. Instead of opening their eyes and examining the red flags waving in front of their face, they turn a blind eye. Either that or they acknowledge the warnings and purposely ignore them, because they don’t want to deal with them. Because they love this person enough to look past his flaws.

Even the smartest girls stubbornly choose to stay in a relationship because they are afraid of what will happen if they let go. Even the smartest girls let love eclipse everything else.

Even the smartest girls, the girls who always give their friends relationship advice and encourage independence in women, get their hearts broken. And when that happens, they look back at their obvious mistakes and ask themselves what the hell they were thinking. They ask themselves how they could have been so stupid.

They ask themselves why, even for a second, they thought it was okay to sacrifice their self-worth for some boy who was unable to see how beautiful they were. Who was unwilling to treat them with the love that they have earned.

Even the smartest girls have moments of weakness where they accept less than they deserve. Times when they let their feelings overshadow their common sense. When they let love trample logic.

Even the smartest girls have suffered through extreme heartache — so never feel embarrassed about falling for someone who hurt you in the worst possible way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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