Inhuman creatures

25 People Tell Haunting Stories About Inhuman Creatures They Saw With Their Own Eyes

These insane stories from Ask Reddit will make you even more afraid of the unknown.

1. Some sort of humanoid stalked me from the woods

“I saw a humanoid…something in the woods outside my childhood home.

This was rural northern Wisconsin and I was 14. Up until that day I had zero fear of the woods. I spent most of my time out there exploring and feared nothing.

My parents had a lousy marriage and fought a lot and I felt more at home outside than in the house. On hot nights, I’d take a sleeping bag and sleep on the roof of an old shack on our property.

I saw bears, I saw wolves. They were always more afraid of me than me them. I didn’t believe in ghosts, Bigfoot, demons, or even God. I only got lost out there once when dark fell sooner than I expected. I stayed calm, found the north star, and knew that if I continued south I’d eventually come across the old railroad tracks near my house. Even the thought of spending the night out there didn’t bother me, the thought of my mom’s rage when I didn’t come home did.

So it was summer, I had just turned 14. My mom had left my father, father worked all the time, sister was living on her own. Once school was out it was me and my cat and this is before the Internet or smartphones.

We lived on a dead-end dirt road and around noon I took my usual stroll down the long driveway to check the mail. My cat followed me everywhere and I actually kind of relied on him to give me a heads up if there was a bear or something close by.

A bit of movement behind me as I stood at the mailbox made me aware there was something across the road in the trees but there were pesky deer everywhere. I heard a loud crash then–like something very loudly making its way through the brush.

It’s like every goddamned classic horror story. My brain had no capability for the thought of anything paranormal or spooky. I simply tucked the mail under my arm and headed into the woods to investigate. My cat followed close behind. I got about 10 yards in when I noticed what I hadn’t noticed before–there was no noise. Nothing. It was a beautiful June day and there wasn’t a single bird singing, no insects, no leaves rustling. It was absolutely silent.

At the same time I registered the silence, I got that eerie feeling that something was watching me. I stopped immediately and started scanning the woods for deer. Hunters know what I’m talking about when I say you look for the shape of a deer instead of trying to pinpoint them by color.

That’s when I spotted it. Two brown furry legs, the top of it concealed by tree branches. I went to sigh with relief when my cat hissed. I looked down and he was completely poofed out with his back arched. Looking at the same thing I was.

I looked back up and the legs moved. Not like a deer. Like a human. Everything happened at once after that. I dropped the mail, picked up my cat by the scruff and ran for it. Whatever was out there with me was running after me. I have never run so fast in my life. I tore up the driveway, into the house, locked the door and grabbed the phone.

I called my next door neighbor who was the ex-chief of police and he came over immediately with his pistol. He checked out the spot I was in and found nothing. I was so hysterical I was in tears. He stayed with me until I was able to reach my mom and have her come get me.

Of course they thought I was completely high or delusional. I know exactly what I saw and felt. It was broad daylight. I never felt safe in those woods again and stopped sleeping outside.” — ThatsnotwhatImeant84

2. She watched as a bird transformed into a woman

“I was a baby when this incident happened, but I believe my sister, who was around 5 years old at the time.

My cousins, aunts, and uncles were at a birthday party one Saturday at my grandmother’s house in Houston.

All the adults were inside the house around dusk but the older cousins (ages ranging from 4 to 8) and my sister were outside, playing.

My sister isn’t sure who noticed the bird in the tree first, but soon all of the cousins noticed it as well. A bird was perched on one of the lower branches just staring at them. Before their horrified eyes, the bird began transforming until it was a woman. A woman sitting on the branch leering at them. As they began shouting and screaming for their parents, the woman became a bird again. By this time, the parents had come out to investigate the commotion but the bird wouldn’t budge. Not until my grandmother, a formidable and salt of the earth type of woman, went outside, did the bird fly off.

The house is creepy. It’s still in the family and I’ve had some other strange experiences as did my mother (it was in the family since my parents were young teens). My cousin owns it now and it’s still creepy and old and he doesn’t really like living in the little yellow house either. In the beautiful roses my grandmother planted, strange things have been found. Animal bones, guts, melted candles, and other witchcraft type of things. A lady in white has been seen moving from room to room in the past by house guests.” — EvaM15

3. I witnessed an alien abduction

“Witnessed an alien abduction back in 2001… This takes place when I was 13. A friend of mine wanted me to help her grandparents set up their computer. I said sure and ride my bicycle to their house. I get there and clouds appear so I decide to make this pretty quick. I set up the computer and install AOL for them, showing them all how it works and such. They go back and sit on the couch while I get my backpack to get ready to leave as their other granddaughter who is about 4 or 6 years old (I can’t remember which) was sleeping in the other room. All of a sudden a cold breeze went through the room. It was odd as all the doors and windows were shut. The grandparents looked toward the kitchen and what I saw made me freeze in place. There were three creatures standing in the kitchen. Two of them were short grey creatures with a thicker neck than described with the eyes closer to the sides of their heads. They wore silver jumpsuits. In between them was a taller creature looking like a humanoid mantis wearing a black robe with a yellow stripe going down the middle. They walk to another room and a minute later return with the robed creature carrying the granddaughter in its arms. It’s looking at me and I get the feeling it knows who I am. I don’t know why I got the feeling but I did. I was very scared. More of the situation than of them and the grandparents were looking at them too but not doing anything. I decide to say ‘screw this’ and fought off all the fear I could and clumsily charged toward them. I didn’t even make three steps before the grandfather stopped me and told me they will bring her back. The creatures didn’t move and continued to look at me. I couldn’t get any more words out of my throat because I didn’t even know what to think at this point. All of a sudden the light stretched around them and they vanished. An odd glow remained for a few seconds before fading. After a minute of an awkward silence and the grandfather repeating she will be brought back soon I decided to leave. I rode my bicycle back home fast as I could while looking back to see if some ship was hiding in the clouds. Nothing was there and I didn’t sleep that night I got home. The next day I did tell my friend what happened and she did tell me it has happened before. The grandparents and other family members have tried to stop it but to no avail. They just accepted it with a look of defeat and moved on.

Granddaughter was brought back after a few hours. A while after this their whole family moved elsewhere. I’ve heard from other people who claimed to experience similar events and I feel they are legit.” — PM_ME_YOUR_GHOST_PIC

4. I saw a creature created entirely out of shapes

“Okay so I used to live in Vancouver Washington on a cull-de-sac Orchard Dell ct. It was a T shaped cul-de-sac with another road going off of the side of the T. So I was heading to school at about 8 am that morning. I only had to walk about a block from my house to where the Cul-de-sac meets the main road St.James rd. This was your typical every day route that I took however that morning was different. when I got close to St. James I looked up from me feet and across the road was what I can only describe as a creature. It was made up entirely of black spheres. In the shape of a man it definitely had 2 legs 2 arms a torso and a head. But again all made up of black spheres about a foot wide a little bigger than a basketball. All of the spheres had a texture to them I had never seen before. That is creepy enough but it was dancing around a pole across the street.

The thing is and that’s really hard to convey is that this thing projected nothing but PURE malevolence I felt that this thing was bad. Really really bad. I would not say it was evil it was just bad. Its like the difference between saying a man can be evil but a man can also be good. This thing could not have the possibility of being good there was no way. It was bad through and through. Anyways when I looked at it. It stopped dancing looked at me and just popped out of existence it did not fade. It did not make any sound. It was just there one moment the next moment it was gone. I was very freaked out but its not like I was hurt or felt bad I was just freaked out. Anyways I just went to school like normal if not a little shaken. Well that night there was some kids racing cars drunk and there were four or five people killed the driver and all the passengers all died instantly when I went out with my father to the corner where it happened I was shocked because it was the exact same intersection where I saw that thing the previous morning. I cannot help but think I saw something strange that morning. Something I was not supposed to see. Whatever that creature was it was bad bad news.” — randomstudman

5. We saw a mummy resting on the bed

“When I was a child, around the age of six, perhaps younger, I used to visit my uncles house on occasion with my mum and nan. Each time I was there, I’d go to my uncles bedroom to look at the ‘mummy’ that laid on his bed.

That’s what I thought I was seeing, an adult woman that seemed to look like they were wrapped up in bandages or some material. My uncle was the kind that would tease you, or wind you up, so I never believed it was real, just something he’d rigged to scare me.

Each time I went to his house, I would drag my mum or my nan into that room to show them, and frustratingly, each and every time they would claim not to be able to see a very obvious mummy laid out on the bed. It got to the point one day, after dragging my mum and nan up to my uncle’s room and them not believing me, that after they left, I stayed to watch the mummy lay in the bed. I stayed in the doorway, the furthest I would ever go, with the side of the bed facing me, and glared as angrily as a little girl could at the woman in the bed. Then it sat up and turned to face me. I froze. It was when the thing started to get off the bed towards me that I discovered my legs again and ran.

Years later my nan took me and a friend to my uncle’s house to dog sit while he was away. It just so happened that his bedroom was where we would be having our sleep-over. The room had been changed and there was no mummy this time around, but retelling the story was enough to freak us both out for the night, though it didn’t stop us sleeping.

My mum and nan can recall me asking about the bandaged women in the bed (and other weird things I’d seen and experienced as a child), but no one else had experienced the mummy in that house.” — CreativePoole

6. A mysterious creature appeared inside of the house

“This happened when I was 7.

I grew up on the military base, we lived in the PMQ’s not entirely sure on the age of the houses but our basement did have a bomb shelter in it.

So I had just broken my leg and my dad moved my bed to the living room and setup my computer so I could play “Buzz Aldrin’s Race To Space” whenever I wanted to.

I was also given a frying pan and a pot if I ever needed anything in the middle of the night.

So it’s god knows what time, and I’m woken up by a sound. I look around and don’t really see anything until I notice a hand pear out the entrance way to the living room, I immediately look at the t.v. to see if I can see a reflection, I do, it looks like a man my father’s build and height but the uniform is wrong (my father a few times was called and deployed on moments notice) I could just tell this was a ww2 uniform.

So I freaked out, I grabbed the frying pan and pit and began slamming them together as hard as I could. The figure in the t.v. just walks away into the dining room and then turned to the kitchen from what I could tell, just as he turns my father is already in the living room asking whats wrong. I replied, ‘Someones in the house.’

He immediately goes for his baseball bat and starts searching the house and checking the locks and windows, then gets on the phone and calls the mp’s and before I know it, he and the neighbors and the mps are outside securing the whole damn neighborhood.

They never found anyone, and I’ve never had a similar experience since then.” — Scoopable

7. She saw a humanoid completely covered in fur

“Not my story, but my mom’s.

When she and my aunt were young, they were playing with some neighborhood kids in the woods across the street from their house. She claims that they heard a noise from above them, looked up, and saw something crouching in the branches of the trees.

She said it was humanoid, about 7-8 ft tall, and completely covered in fur. As soon as it noticed them, it leaped down from the tree and sprinted further into the woods.

Of course they were all terrified and ran back to the house. They never saw the thing again, but both my mom and aunt are adamant that it happened.” — atlasmoths

8. I had a terrifying experience with extraterrestrials

“In October of 2016 I experienced what I believe to be an extraterrestrial inside my house, followed soon after by 3 extra terrestrials in my house.

It was a normal Friday evening at first. My dad (I was in college, living with him at the time) had gone to sleep at about 10 PM, and I stayed up till about 11:30. At 11:30 I turned off my tv and went to lay on my bed where I promptly pulled out my phone and began browsing Reddit. This lasted for about 45 minutes before I finally decided to go to sleep. I realized that my throat felt a little dry, so I got up to get some water from the fridge. My room used to be a second living room off the kitchen, so there’s no door on the frame, only a thick curtain. As I approached the curtain everything was normal. It was just a normal night. The only thing that seemed a little off was how quiet it was. There were no crickets/cicadas chirping outside (which there always were, I live in a secluded country ranch house) which was unusual. I could still hear my Dad’s white noise maker in his bedroom though (he uses it to help him sleep). It felt like a normal late night. I pulled the curtain aside to step out into the kitchen and experienced the single most terrifying thing in my entire life.

Behind the curtain was what I believe to be an extra terrestrial / alien. It was facing the hallway to my Dad’s room and it was in a crouched position. We had a nightlight plugged in right above the kitchen countertop, so I assume it was trying to avoid that light. It’s skin color was a sort of dark grey/gunmetal color. As I pulled the curtain all the way back, the alien turned his head sharply to look at me. I gasped and was immediately overcome by an immense sense of dread and terror. I was quite literally paralyzed by fear. I just stood there with my hand on the curtain, mouth agape. It stared at me for a couple of seconds and then everything went black.

I regained consciousness an hour later, and was laying on top of my bed, the covers still made. My heart was pounding, and it felt like it was beating a million times a minute. I saw something on my left, which was the darkest part of my room, and had a door leading to our car port. Standing over my bed were 3 dark grey figures. They were tall, their heads nearly touching the 7 foot ceilings in my room. I turned my head, stared at them and began to experience the same sense of terror as before. It was the exact same sense of dread and paralysis. I was unable to move, unable to speak, unable to do anything except look. This time they looked at me for much longer than a couple of seconds. It felt like it lasted a full minute or more. At the end of that minute, the being in the middle leaned in a little bit, and moved it’s hand toward my foot. It tapped it’s finger on my foot 3 times, slowly. Each time it tapped, a strange sensation pulsed through my body. It was just a weird energy that I can’t really describe. After the 3rd pulse subsided, the being stood straight again, and then everything went black again.

I regained consciousness yet again a minute or two later, still on top of my bed, covers still made, and immediately began to cry. I don’t mean just a tear or two, I mean that I was quite literally just bawling my eyes out for the next few minutes. Eventually all that emotion subsided and I grabbed my phone from my bedside table. It was 1:33 AM. I didn’t end up going to sleep at all that night. I just sort of sat there on my bed trying to explain to myself what just happened.

In the year since this has happened, I’ve yet to come up with an explanation that doesn’t involve aliens, demons, ghosts, or some sort of paranormal phenomenon. I thought of sleep paralysis at first, but I never went to sleep before I saw the first one. I was wide awake still when I went to get a drink of water. I wasn’t dreaming, because I hadn’t yet gone to sleep.

When the 3 came right after I thought that it could be sleep paralysis since I woke up on my bed, and was unable to move or even scream when they looked at me. But how did I get in bed when the last thing I remember was looking at the first one in my kitchen? I know you hallucinate when experiencing sleep paralysis, but how did I see 3 distinct beings that essentially remained motionless, and what the f*** was that sensation whenever it tapped my foot?

If it was sleep paralysis, I’ve never had it before, and I haven’t had it since.

If it was some sort of spontaneous mental breakdown, I’ve never had one before and haven’t had one since.

If it was just some bad nightmare, when did I go from browsing Reddit and getting a drink of water to asleep and having a nightmare?

Every time I think about it, I get an uneasy feeling, just thinking about the dread I felt that night. It makes me feel squirmy and nervous. That night felt like death, but I don’t know if whatever was in my house, or whatever I imagined was malevolent. I don’t know if they hurt me or did anything to me or my dad. I don’t know if I was crazy, sleep deprived, or actually encountered aliens in my house.

I’ve seen and felt some strange things before and after, including ‘lost time,’ seeing what I believe to be UFOs, animals on the ranch we live on being mutilated.

The lost time thing was a little freaky. I was texting my brother about fallout 4 in the middle of the morning. I was in the middle of a response, laying on the bed in my room, when all of the sudden I was sitting on the couch in the first living room, opposite the kitchen to my bed room. 7 whole hours had passed, and I didn’t remember any of it. There were 2 texts from my brother, about an hour apart, the first of which was him asking if I got his text, then the second was just a couple of question marks. I was confused, and didn’t really know what to do.

The UFOs thing is self explanatory. I’ve seen lights fly over my house in the night. There is an airport about an hour away and I see planes on occasion, but these lights are always either too fast to be a plane, too slow to be a plane, and too quiet to be a low flying helicopter.

The animal mutilation thing is the saddest part for me. I have about 10 outside cats, or ‘barn cats’ that I feed regularly and who keep away rattlesnakes and bugs and whatnot. Most of them are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, but new ones show up still and get pregnant somehow. Every so often one of them gets killed be it by a mountain lion, stray dog, coyote, or other cats. Its gruesome but it happens. But there have been a couple in the past few months that have made no sense, and all have been the same way.

A single cut down the middle of their bodies, running from their jaw all the way to their genitalia. The cut goes all the way through their sternum and everything. It’s always perfectly straight, and none of their internal organs or anything are damaged. It’s like someone took a razor or something and slit them. We’ve found them on our driveway and the private road leading to our driveway. There’s never any blood, and the cat it just dead on the ground, already in rigor mortis. It makes no sense and it makes me sad cause I’ve raised most of those cats from kittenhood.” — Destryt7

9. Friends have seen shadow people inside of our home

“I am going to write this on behalf of my mother, who passed away a year ago and saw and heard many things that the average person wouldn’t believe. To start, I live on a farm in a house that was built in the early 1900s. To date, four people have passed away in the house or near the house. My great great grandma died in a rocking chair. My great great grandpa was riding in a wagon down our driveway when his team of horses got spooked and he flew off and broke his neck. A hired man’s wife fell down our stairs while she was pregnant and hemorrhaged and died, and my aunt died in my old bedroom at age 2. Over the years, my mother and brother have experienced many different spooky things on our property. In the early 1980s, they both heard footsteps walking up and down our upstairs hallway in the middle of the night. My brother was alone once and he was outside doing farm choirs in the dark. He was maybe 500 feet from our house. He had the urge to look over and every single light in the house was on. My mom has heard people whispering her name, she’s heard creaking noises in the house, and sounds as if something had fallen (big crashes, etc.). My father has been oblivious to everything and has never heard any of it. In 2004, my mom went outside to fill our woodstove at about 10 p.m. On her way back to the house, she got the feeling that she was being watched. As she turned to look to her right, she saw this very skinny, gray being standing below our house staring over its shoulder at her. She got this intense feeling that it wanted her to see it. After a few seconds, it bolted away from the house. She was so freaked out that she sprinted into our house, locked the doors and collapsed on the floor in hysterics. For years, she’d never tell anyone the story. This was a particularly interesting experience, as in the late 1960s our neighbor just over the hill had gray aliens walk into his barn and actually talk to him. It was investigated by some big shot UFO investigator out of Chicago too. I personally had never heard or seen anything in our house until recently. Over the years, friends have came over and saw shadow people in our house, or hear the pitter patter of small dog feet on the floor upstairs. As I said earlier, my mother passed away a year ago and we have her urn sitting on a table downstairs, just below my bedroom. For about three months, every night I was in the home alone (my dad is a trucker so he’s gone for a week at a time with a five day break in between) I would hear this pounding noise every 30 seconds coming from somewhere in the walls as I tried to fall asleep. I’ve heard crashing noises and my dog has perked his ears up because of them. A lot of people are too freaked out to stay overnight at my house without my Dad being there, and I’m starting to get that way too.” — kmpervy

10. I came across Bigfoot deep in the forest

“I was hiking up in the Cascades in Oregon. I was in a more remote area of the range. On the 6th or 7th day on the trail, the hair on the back of my neck started standing up. I chalked it up to being a mountain lion in the area. But the weird thing was the uneasy feeling never left. That night is when I heard the howling, it wasn’t wolves or bears or any other animal I had ever heard. The closest thing I could relate it to is the noises apes and monkeys make. This persisted for the next few nights, eventually things started rummaging through my campsite, naturally I assumed it was a bear or raccoons. But then on the 11th day, I woke up and my food bag was removed from the tree, something had cut the line through. All my food was gone. I decided to keep pushing, I had 4 days left till the end of the trail. I’m familiar with what I can and can’t eat in the area and I could always fish for food. The same nightly activities occurred and on the 13th night something started throwing rocks at my tent. For some reason I lost it, I screamed into the darkness for whatever it was to leave me alone. Hoping it was just some person fucking with me and maybe they’d scream out, “sorry mate” or something. Instead it grew quiet for the first time in nights. Nothing could be heard. Then a scream louder and more vicious then any other night cut through the night. Then nothing, complete and utter silence again. Despite it being quiet I wasn’t able to sleep that night, I just waited. The next day I continued my hike, dead tired, just wanting to get out. The hair on the back of my neck still standing, the forest still quiet, I felt like I was being hunted. Towards the end of the day I had sat down to rest before pushing a few more miles when I saw it. Something tall and large, bigger than any man or animal I had seen, sliding through the forest not making a noise. I yelled at it, it turned to look at me. I never got a good look at it through the trees and the brush and it was dark, but I knew that whatever it was it was causing this. I threw a rock at it and then pulled my knife. This thing just kept staring at me. I don’t know what kicked in, but I no longer felt scarred I felt angry and I ran at the thing. It ran from me and I chased it in the woods. It had long strides and easily outpaced me but I continued the chase. After several minutes I gave up and collapsed in exhaustion. I rested for a bit, before backtracking my way back to my backpack and resting area. I was tired and made camp there. Another night of silence when I woke up the next day and had about 10 miles till I was out. Exhausted, hungry, mentally drained, I made my way out. As I got closer and closer to the end of the trail, the typical forest noises returned. Birds, bugs, mice running through the undergrowth. All these noises slowly returned. I no longer had this feeling of unease. I got to trails end, sat in my car, and cried. To this day I still pass it off as someone just fucking with me, but the way that thing moved in the forest… I just don’t know. I told a park ranger about it and he jokingly said they have a bunch of Bigfoot sightings in the area, but most likely it was a local fucking with me or my own imagination. I do a lot of long hikes, but that 15 days was by far the worst.” — crimsoneagle1

11. An evil spirit appeared inside of my nightmares

“When I was around 12 or so, my mom and I lived in an apartment in Texas. She was a single mom, so it was just her and I for many years. I was and still am very fortunate that she puts me first and did her best to make sure I had what I needed. Unfortunately, her work schedule didn’t allow for her to be home when I got off of school, so I usually had to take care of myself in the afternoons until she got off. It wasn’t too bad. Usually by the time I fixed myself a snack and got through my homework, she was home.

I should note that at this time, I was still sleeping with my mom. I initially started out in my own room, but I began having these horrible nightmares. It was the same dream each time: I was sleeping in my room and I could see a figure lurking in the hallway. I’d get up to turn on the light and something/someone would grab my hand and I would instantly wake up. The touch of that hand was the coldest feeling I’d ever experienced. It was so vivid in my mind. I felt incredibly sad, almost like the happiness was draining out of me. I started making excuses about wanting to sleep with her. My mom never made a big fuss about it. We would stay up late reading on a regular basis and I would ‘accidentally’ fall asleep. I hated that room and avoided going in there at all costs. It got so bad that every morning before school, I would lay out a change of clothes in the living room so I could have them ready when I got home. My mom started to notice this routine and asked why I didn’t just simply change in my room? I just made up some stupid excuse and my brushed it off. I kept my bedroom door shut at all times and I would hurry past it if I needed to use the restroom.

The dreams seemed to stay away once I stayed in my moms room. It had been so long that I started to forget about them. One night my mom had already fallen asleep, but I was still nose deep in my latest library book. It was late, definitely past midnight, when I got an eerie feeling. I couldn’t place it, but I was instantly uncomfortable. I put my book down and noticed a lump under the covers, toward the end of the bed. We had a cat at the time, but I knew it wasn’t her because she hated anything on top of her. I stared at the lump and it started to move toward me. I froze. Every fiber in my body was screaming to move, but was paralyzed with fear. I finally mustered a weak ‘mom’ and nudged her, all while keeping an eye on the lump. Finally my mom woke up and as soon as she spoke, the covers went completely flat, like a ballon who’s air had been released. I went into a crying fit and told my mom what happened. She assured me that I was reading too much scary stuff before bed and my eyes had played tricks on me. I convinced myself she was right and went to sleep.

One weekend I had a friend sleep over. My mom made a big deal about preparing my room for my friend and thought that maybe since I wouldn’t be alone that it wouldn’t be an issue. We did the whole typical sleepover shenanigans: played with each other’s hair and gushed over our latest crush, all while listening to the newest N*SYNC CD. I started to get anxiety as bed time loomed closer. I somehow convinced my friend that it would be better if we made a bed on the floor in my moms room because my room got hot or some shit like that. We quietly moved to my moms room on the floor next to her bed and fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke instantly and sat straight up. I was staring at a lump at the foot of my moms bed. I suddenly became overwhelmed with the urge to touch it. I lifted the sheet and placed my hand upon the smoothest object I’d ever touched. I instantly felt every happy memory being sucked away from my body, all thoughts, emotions, were drained. I felt cold, colder than any weather I’d been through. I became empty, like a shell of a person. Nothing was left but numb darkness. It was as if I was under a trance. I somehow was able to pull my hand away and I threw myself against the wall. I stared at the lump until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I retold what happened to my mom and she broke down in tears. She thought that this was all behind us, but clearly it was more than she previously thought. I didn’t do much that day. My mom busied herself with Sunday chores while I stared blankly at the tv. As she stepped out for a bit to do some laundry, she ran into our neighbor. Her name has left me, but I remember her being a caring figure in my life and a wonderful friend to my mother. My mom confided in her about all the odd occurrences and her face went grim. Our neighbor was Native American and was super in tune with her culture and traditions. She explained to my mother that for some time, she’s been feeling a presence and could not place its origin. My mom asked her to come inside to speak with me. She agreed, but upon stepping up to our door, she retreated. She said the origin was our apartment and the spirit would not allow her to cross the threshold. At this point, my mom was hysterical, as most mothers would be if someone told them an evil being was possessing her and her daughter’s home. Our neighbor apologized, but promised she would gather what she could to help us. In the mean time, my mom reached out to my grandmother. Not that shit wasn’t already weird, but shit got even weirder. My grandmother immediately told my mom to call my uncle. He had phoned my grandmother earlier in the day, asking about me, but didn’t say as to why he was concerned so my grandmother pretty much brushed it off. My mom called my uncle and as soon as he answered the phone, he said, ‘I’ve been waiting on your call. We need to act now.’ It still gives me chills to talk about it. We weren’t close with this uncle at all and hadn’t talked to him in YEARS. He told us that an evil spirit had possessed our home and he was going to help us get rid of it. He sent us a bottle of oil that was supposedly poured upon where Jesus was laid to rest. I feel as if that bit was a crock of bullshit, but whatever, it made it sound pretty legit. He instructed us to bless ALL doorways/entry ways. This meant every door, closet and window. He gave us a prayer to repeat and told us to make the sign of the cross over each one. Our neighbor had also given us a dream catcher to place upon the bed frame the night we blessed the house. She made us swear to stay in our bedroom that night and not emerge until morning. My mom and I quickly blessed the house and both passed out of exhaustion. That night was the first night I had slept soundly since we moved in. My mom, however, laid awake the entire night. Whatever we did, pissed off the spirit. She said she held me tight and put her back toward the window as someone or something howled crying the entire night. It was terrifying screams, as if the realization had sunk in that we had shut the spirit out and it was no longer welcome. She said that night was the longest night of her life.

To this day, i have no clue what I experienced. If my mom hadn’t gone through it with me, I probably would have thought I was crazy. Seeing it laid out through text definitely makes it seem insane and completely unreal.” — MimosasMadeMeDoIt

12. I saw a creature similar to Slenderman

“Something reminiscent of slender man. Obviously slenderman is a creepy pasta but this isn’t slender man. There’s a farm behind my house, separated by a canal. The farm stretches maybe about 1000 feet back before it hits a tree line. A couple weeks ago, I was eating dinner and was staring out at the farm. It was maybe 20 minutes until nightfall. I saw what looked like a really tall, gray version of Gumby walk out of the tree line, take two really large lunges, then disappear back into the tree line. It was much too tall to be a person. The next night, at the same time, the same exact thing happened except my parents were with me. I asked them if they saw that and they just said, ‘Saw what?’ Then it happened AGAIN the third night. So either my body its giving me random hallucinations in sync with my bodies time clock or there’s some weird Slendergumby demon living on the farm behind my house. I haven’t been home much recently so I haven’t been able to look for it again but if I’m able to, I’m gonna try and take a picture. I don’t know how well that will work given the distance that I see it, but I can try.” — Interestingly_Boring

13. I spotted a UFO flying through the sky

“It was late at night and I was driving on a quiet country road when my sister and I spotted a flying object. The first thing that seemed odd was that it didn’t have any lights on it, and it was night. This then made me realize that it was actually flying low enough for us to see it without light. That then lead me consider the lack of noise it was making. IT WAS SILENT. We stopped the car and turned it off to listen and there was no noise from propellers or engines. We watched it fly slow as hell over us towards the nearby town. The only explanation I could think of is it being a glider, but flying at night with no lights and being that low and 10+ miles away from a landing strip seem to rule that out. Anybody have any idea what it could have been?” — King_Hawker

14. I saw a creature that was half-man and half-deer

“I was 7 or 8 years old and visiting my paternal grandparents with the rest of my family. They lived deep in the woods and I always hated it there, it felt like something was always watching, and was always eerily quiet. Like, not eve crickets chirping.

My little brother and I shared a bed in one room on the ground floor. My brother would sleep at one end, his head against the window/wall, and I would be on the otber, facing the window. On this particular morning, I woke up first. The sun was brilliant, making the room gold through the curtains. And there, a silhouette against the window, was a deer with the biggest rack of antlers I had ever seen. It was right there, like almost pressed against the window in profile. I stared in awe.

And that is when it changed.

In one smooth movement, it reared up on its hind legs and it was no longer a deer, but a man. There were only two men in the area, my grandfather and my dad, and it was clearly neither (Not sure if that made it better or worse). Grandfather was very built for his age, dad had a gut. This silhouette was clearly younger, muscular but not in the ‘like a brick’ way my grandfather was. It exuded strength. And scared the hell out of me.

It stared to the side for a moment, and then strode off with purpose.

I don’t know what I saw. I want to believe it was just the groggy mind of a half awake kid. But I remember the fear slicing into me. I remember the feeling of something being out there.” — Kii_and_lock

15. I came face-to-face with a massive figure with red eyes

“I was around 12 when this happened to me. During the time my brother and I shared a room and had bunk beds. He had the top bed while I had the bottom. The room was quite long but really skinny, almost a L shape if you will.

Anyways, I remembered waking up late one night. At the time I could not figure out what I was feeling, but now I could describe it as dread and extreme anxiety. I stood up out of bed and checked to see my brother sleeping. As I turned towards the doorway, I noticed it was open. This was odd because we always slept with the door closed to keep the cat out.

As I walked towards the door to shut it, I could see a shadow in the doorway that was illuminated by the hallway nightlight my dad has set up for us. I peeked around the corner and that was when I saw…whatever it was I saw.

In the door way was a massive figure. If I had to guess, probably around 6’6-6’7. Extremely lanky the only detail I could make out was it’s long skinny arms and it’s eyes, which were red. I remember staring at it for a couple seconds before it entered the room, having to bend at the waist just to get underneath the door frame. The last thing I remember was it rapidly approaching the bunk bed then it goes blank. I woke up on the floor early the next morning.

I told my dad about it the next day but of course he chalked it up to a bad dream and realistically he was probably right. It is just difficult to get over the fact that to this day I still remember whatever was in the doorway and the exact feeling I had from start to finish. The final thing about the encounter that convinced me something happened that night was my brother. About 2 days later he pulled off his shirt and he had what looked like 3 insect bite marks on his upper right back, forming a triangle. They went away relatively fast but to this day he has a mole in the direct centre of where the ‘bites’ were.” — ThePanicPanda77

16. I saw something outside the window that was not human

“When I was about 7 years old I was sitting in my bedroom with my friend Celia. We were playing. I think we were building with lego. It was late afternoon and our parents were outside the front of the house chatting. My bedroom had a window at the side of the house.

At some point while we were playing I looked up and saw …something on the other side of the window. I have no idea how to describe this thing and I haven’t heard anyone else mention anything that sounded similar. From the neck down, it looked like a person. I can’t remember what it was wearing but I think it was dressed in a dark blazer. The collar was visible so I know it was facing us.

From the neck up, everything started to look very wrong. Its head was heart-shaped, its skin was brown and leathery like the hide of an animal but it was slightly translucent, and beneath the leathery skin I could see thick pulsing black and dark blue veins. There was no face.

I remember looking at this thing for a moment and it was like my brain had fuzzed over being scared and I remember thinking something like “No…no that’s not meant to be there. That’s not what a person looks like…” I remember mostly feeling surprised more than scared. I don’t think I really thought it was real. I slowly turned my head to look at Celia and she was doing the same, turning her head to look at me. I saw her wide eyes and her mouth hanging open and as I realized we could both see this thing, the fear clicked in and I thought, ‘That’s not a person, that’s not a fucking person, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING THAT’S NOT A FUCKING PERSON!!!’

I remember being paralyzed with shock and fear. I wanted to bolt but I couldn’t move. I suddenly felt really sick. Like the room was blurry and spinny. I don’t remember the thing walking away but one moment it was there and the next it was gone. Celia and I both stood up wordlessly and walked solemnly outside. I remember feeling unnaturally cold, wobbly and fragile and a little too thin like you do when you’re coming down with the flu. We walked to the front of the house and we each grabbed onto a parent and snuggled into them until they finished their conversation.

Celia and I never talked about it.” — Miranda_Mandarin

17. I have had contact with the spiritual realm

“I’m Native American, and I’ve always been pretty ‘in tune’ with the spiritual realm, if you will. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a spirit that stays with me. Always chalked it up as an imaginary friend, when I was a kid. I named him George, and he’s been a blessing, in my life. I’ve had plenty of paranormal experiences, but this one there was someone else who witnessed it.

About two and a half years ago, my fiancée and I moved into a new condo. We got pregnant about a month later, and I noticed that George had began clinging to my fiancée. He’s always been a protector. Anyways, fast forward about another month, around Christmas time, I noticed that George wasn’t around. Every night he was gone, I was visited by a little boy who was scared and running from something. That something was an evil spirit, in the form of a little girl. Every encountered ended him saying “she’s here,” he’d vanish, and I’d be overwhelmed by this feeling of doom, then I’d see her.

It got to the point that I was sleeping downstairs, to avoid the encounters. They seemed to stay upstairs, until my last real encounter. I walk into the kitchen, late one night, to get a glass of water. There was the little boy, huddled on the floor. He didn’t acknowledge me. Which was odd, because he always came to me. He looks up, stares straight through me, and says “goodbye…” Just then the little girl appears, and takes him away, violently. Turns out he was staring through me, and at my wife. She had someone how managed to come downstairs, unnoticed. She’s known about my experiences, but never seen one transpire. She knew, then, why I hadn’t been sleeping in the bed.

I’d had enough, and the next morning I go out and buy some sage. As my fiancée and I were cleansing the apartment, we began hear rather strange creaking noises. Almost as if the whole condo was shifting. We make our way upstairs, and right at the top of the stairs, a huge gust of wind blows out the sage. At that moment, George had returned. All was right, and the little girl hasn’t since returned. My son is now two years old, and sees George. Even calls out for him. I think it’s cute, as does my wife. It still kind of scares her, because she knows of the things I’ve dealt with.” — nowsthemoment

18. I saw a flying saucer while camping with a guide

“I saw a real flying saucer, for real, while camping in Sierra Fria, located in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Around 40 people and I were there, making a campfire at night. Suddenly, a flying saucer flew over us, it was like 40 meters above us. One could see it clearly. It had shape of two plates placed against each other, like the typical spaceship, its diameter was around 10 meters, and it had a gray/silver color. It had lights of primary colors beneath it, and didn’t make a sound. The guide wasn’t surprised, he only said ‘Oh, miren, un OVNI,’ which means, ‘Hey, look, a UFO.’ I dunno if it was made by humans or aliens, but I saw it, and everyone there. It was real as fuck. This happened in 2000. Now that I think about it, it was spooky.” — memoeslink

19. I was followed by a creature disguised as human

“My university (and entire town, really) is surrounded by very thick woods, and since it’s far north it gets dark quick. It was late fall and about ten at night, and I had been in the computer labs since two in the afternoon working on a programming assignment. I was completely exhausted and was happily heading back to my dorm.

It was a Friday night, so I was very much alone on my walk back. Part of the walk was going up a set of concrete stairs, and as I crested them I became very aware of the feeling of being watched. I looked around and saw nothing, and so I kept walking but at a much faster rate, feeling as if I was being followed the whole time back to my dorm.

To reach my dorm, you have to go down a twisting set of steps and then unlock the main door into the building. As I unlocked the door, I glanced behind me out of habit to see if anyone else was coming. Up near the top of the stairs, I saw a dark figure – it looked like they were wearing a hoodie, and their proportions felt off, like they almost knew what a human body looked like but not quite. I could not see their face, but I knew they were staring at me.

I jumped inside my building and slammed the door shut behind me. I still don’t like being on campus alone at night, almost two years later.” — rainbowdracula

20. An unseen creature was inside of our room

“I was in my brother’s room a few years ago when something strange happened with a balloon.

My brother had a red balloon in his room (don’t know where he got it from) and I was just hanging out in there with my mom. My brother was on his bed, my mom was sitting in a chair, and I was standing near the door. Now this red balloon was about 4 feet away from me, pushed up against the ceiling. I was looking in the balloon’s direction and all of a sudden it just falls halfway to the ground and shoots back up again. Everyone in the room saw it and I FREAKED out and sprinted back into my room terrified. My brother was going crazy while I was freaked the hell once and my mom was trying to calm us back.

No one was in arm’s reach for the balloon or its string and it suddenly fell down and shot back up again.” — -saltymangos-

21. We saw inhuman footsteps in the snow

“Went on a snowboarding trip with a buddy in Vermont and ended up getting to a half of the mountain that wasn’t open that day. Started going down the trails even though the lifts weren’t open. Once we got to the bottom realized there was no way to get back to the main lift but we did see a trail that kept going down.

Decided to go down that trail and after about 2 minutes of riding down deep powder realized it was a bad decision and we were completely lost. My phone was dead and my buddies had only a few percent. Managed to call ski patrol to describe where we were and he said in the ~30 years he had worked there he’s never been down that trail.

So we began hiking back up in the knee deep powder and there was these footsteps going across the trail that were huge and deep. Im terrible with measurements but imagine if someone took those large snowshoes for hiking and made them into the shape of a foot.

But they weren’t just in the shape of a foot they were about 2 feet deep (opposite of show shoes) and there was about 3 or 4 feet between each step.

I actually started laughing at how ironic it was that both of our phones were dead when we found them.” — Zmiller23

22. I heard the noise of something that sounded unlike any animal

“My group of friends and I used to go drink and smoke at this really beautiful spot on a golf course in my town, surrounded by thick, lush forests. We arrive one night, are just chatting with one another as we walk down the golf cart path, passing the treeline when we all hear the most deep, horrifying and distorted growl emanating from the woods next to us, followed by what sounded like a saplings being cracked in half. We froze, exchanged “Did you hear that?”/”What was that??”s, quickly turned on our heels and speed walked back to the car. The entire time, it felt like eyes were on us, I felt watched, I kept glancing over my shoulder because I was convinced I’d see some huge creature come barreling down after us. Got to the car, hopped in, locked the doors and fucking booked it. Never saw anything, but god was that creepy and strange.

I have to mention: I live about 30 minutes outside of New York City, we have coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks and every now and then the occasional black bear. It sounded like none of these animals. Coyotes have high pitched yelps and howls, I’ve been hearing them the entirety of my life, it wasn’t them; foxes and raccoons can make some godawful noises, but they’re also high pitched; god only knows what noises skunks make, but I bet they’re cute as fuck; black bear would make sense due to the deepness of the growl and the saplings being snapped, but they’re not only incredibly rare, it just didn’t sound like a bear, it didn’t sound like a real animal.

It really almost sounded like a wolf growl that somebody had fucked with on audio software, making the pitch rise and fall from deep to impossibly deep, making it sound garbled and strange, it seriously almost sounded digital in a way.

I actually want it to be a bear just dickin’ around on a golf course, but I just don’t…ugh.” — getinthegoddamncar

23. I saw Sasquatch during a campout as a child

“I was on a cub scout campout somewhere in the woods by Knob Noster, Missouri. My friends were back at camp and I was in the woods by the campsite, there was this fallen tree that was angled and we spent most of this campout trying to climb it, so I was halfway up the tree when I looked to my right and a large hairy Orangutang looking creature was looking at me and grinning. I was 7 years old, not on drugs, and I saw an honest to god Sasquatch.” — ronburgundi

24. We kept seeing strange dark shapes

“When I was in college, I lived in a dorm for Native students. It was the first multicultural house in the Greek Village, and we were so proud. About 9 of us lived there. The college was built on our tribe’s old wintering grounds, and the school had disposed of things in a pretty shady way back in the 70s and 80s.

Anyway, over the first few months we lived there, several of us noticed strange things. We weren’t comfortable by ourselves. We’d see black people shapes out of the corners of our eyes. Somebody even swore they had a conversation with me, when I wasn’t in the house. They said the ‘me’ was a bit off and vacant and strange, but they couldn’t figure out why. This happened with a few of us. Things were being broken and misplaced. We would hear strange wind noises sometimes.

We finally went to someone in our tribe who dealt with things like this. He came and cleared the house with tobacco and water. We prayed, and cleansed ourselves. Two of us stayed in the house while he worked. I distinctly remember him walking through the darkened living room, opening the door, and hearing what sounded like a tornado whizz through the room very quickly. Then it was over. Turns out it wasn’t malevolent or anything. Just something that had attached itself to the land. We never had any problems after the cleansing.” — Raindrops1984

25. I saw a strange reptilian creature

“About seven years ago in Sierra Vista, a little city in Arizona about 15 minutes from the Mexican border. Misfortune had hit hard and I had been homeless for about six months at that point.

So the usual schedule for me was to be awake until sunrise. The nights were cold and staying moving kept me warm, and the first rays of sunlight were so warm that I was able to sleep. I would only sleep for a little bit before I was back up and hitting a local charity for lunch. Cat nap through dinner, wake back up as the sun goes down and wander through the desert to stay warm until sunrise.

I run you through my schedule so that you know this thing happened during my normal operating hours while I was fully awake. It’s not possible that it was a dream, and not likely to be my imagination.

So I had two routes, during the day I would be in town so I would be unarmed, but I had a straight edge sword back in my burrow that I had bought when I had a job and a car and a house. During the night I wandered the desert, and would often be exploring far enough out that i could no longer even see the lights in town, so I would wear my sword sheathed on my back. A ‘just in case’ measure, and I’d really only ever used it to carve up yucca stalks for the roof of my burrow.

Okat, setup complete. Here’s what I saw.

I’m walking along, following the edge of a small wash, twirling a stick I found. I’d walked for about an hour to get there, so i was probably a good five or so miles from any human on the planet. I hear a thump thump from up ahead, but there’s some scruffy bushes ahead so i can’t see anything. Not wanting to sneak up on something dangerous like a mother javelina or bear, I take my stick and smack the nearest tree a couple times. Thumping stops, and about 30 feet ahead of me I see a head poke up from behind a bush.

A head I’ve seen before? Kinda? It had big eyes and tufty bits on it and was basically set up like any other primate face, but it also looked almost… reptilian.

So I did what any normal person would do and grabbed my sword handle and yanked it… well, it doesn’t really work like that… I yanked it forward and accidentally broke the strap that kept the sheath on my back.

So here I am brandishing a sheathed sword at a lizard monkey, five mikes from nowhere, and it stands up to a full height of four feet and Hussain Bolts itself away from me with this ostrich person gait that was more awkward to watch than it was scary.” — Fiocoh Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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