11 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

A few weeks ago I asked Thought Catalog readers to share their scariest experiences with us. These are the scariest accounts our readers sent in. Tell us your own in the comments!

Pounding on the door

Child’s Play

I’m in college and live on campus in a dorm. This dorm is very old and community style. I’ve been living here for two months with my roommate and everything has been fine. Then in the last week, we’ve had all of our lights in our room, just our room, go out.

We’ve been trying to put maintenance requests in for the past week but the website won’t allow us to do it for some reason. So last night we went to bed in our many layers and multiple blankets to battle the cold. I’m usually a lucid dreamer and can wake myself up if I need to.

Last night, though, I heard my roommate yelling from the hallway that her key wasn’t working in the lock and that she needed in NOW. So I stumbled out of bed and was reaching for the lock on the door when I looked over and saw her asleep in her own bed. I backed away from the door to go back to sleep, thinking that it had been a dream that I’d thought was real. I took a last look at my sleeping roommate and went to turn around to climb into my bed when I saw the shadow under the door. The door is a good inch or two off the ground so I bent down to see if there was someone standing at our door or the one across the hall. When I was eye level with the crack I saw a pair of boots facing our door. Then the person turned away and I heard the stairwell door open. I couldn’t even turn on the lights because the bulbs were out so I crawled into bed with my lamp and sat there for an hour because I was freaking out.

To get onto a girls’ floor you have to have the student card of someone at lives here and they lock the building up at midnight every night to make sure that only students and guests are inside. We’ve had problems with homeless people sleeping in the basements of some buildings. I was freaking out because the boots were men’s boots

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