Date The Person You Feel Blessed To Wake Up Beside

Date someone who will press snooze, just so they can stay in bed with you for a few minutes longer. Someone who will sacrifice their getting-ready-time to rest with you.

Date someone you want to wake up next to every single morning. Someone you’ll miss if your eyes open and you realize that they aren’t still around to reach over and hold.

Date someone who will let you use their chest as your own personal pillow. Someone who will let you stick your freezing cold feet beneath them to warm up your skin.

Date someone who will snuggle with you until their hand falls asleep, until their neck feels cramped, until their back gets sore — because they feel like it’s worth it to hold you in their arms.

Date someone who is happy to stay in bed with you on weekends, doing absolutely nothing, because they would rather be with you than with anybody else in the world.

Date someone who will pull you closer in the middle of the night when they hear you whimpering from nightmares. Someone who will calm you down when you wake up in a frenzy, and won’t go back to bed again until they know you’re okay.

Date someone who kisses you on your forehead and the back of your neck before you fall asleep. Someone who makes sure the last words you hear before you drift off are: I love you.

Date someone who you could stay up with way past midnight, talking about everything and nothing — but who will also respect your privacy at night when you have to get up early the next morning.

Date someone who won’t complain when you hog all of the covers or ask to borrow an extra pillow from beneath their neck. Someone who will let you have more than your fair share of the bed, because they care about your comfort more than their own.

Date someone who makes you wish there were more hours of the day to spend awake. Someone who you dream about, but those dreams still aren’t as satisfying as the reality you two have created.

Date someone who enjoys cuddling as much as they enjoy all the naughty things you do under the covers. Someone who is always happy to play the role of the big or little spoon.

Date someone who makes it easier for you to fall asleep, because you feel so comfortable alongside them. Someone who makes you feel completely safe. Snug. Secure.

Date someone who doesn’t annoy you when they snore a little too loud or talk nonsense in their sleep. Someone you feel blessed to sleep beside, flaws and all.

Date someone who you not only want to share a bed with — but you want to share your bathroom with, your kitchen with, your house with.

Someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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