Your Forever Person Would Never Treat You This Way

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A good person doesn’t take your love and hold it over your head to force you to stay. A good person doesn’t use your kindness against you by begging for second and third chances they know they don’t deserve.

A good person doesn’t tell you that they’re sorry, that they’ll change, that they didn’t mean all of the awful things that they said — and then go right back to saying the same things. A good person doesn’t repeat their mistakes so many times that their apologies lose authenticity.

A good person doesn’t smash their fist into a tree trunk or a concrete wall when they’re angry. A good person doesn’t leave blood all over the living room and make you feel thankful that they hit an object — that at least they had enough control to stop themselves from hitting you.

A good person doesn’t use the words darling and soulmate to refer to you one day and then use the words bitch and slut to refer to you the next day. A good person doesn’t curse at you when you make one little mistake — or even a big one.

A good person doesn’t embarrass you in public. A good person doesn’t broadcast your flaws by posting passive aggressive social media statuses about you and yelling at you in the middle of restaurants.

A good person doesn’t make low blows during a fight by mentioning how you’re a fuck-up because your parents raised you like shit. Because you failed out of college. Because you’re fat and ugly.

A good person doesn’t send nasty texts that you flinch when you look at, that you immediately erase because you don’t want your family to ever learn how mean he can get. A good person doesn’t make you feel small, lesser, insignificant.

A good person doesn’t accuse you of being a whore. Of sleeping with every guy that you make eye contact with. Of snorting coke and sticking needles in your arm and doing all of the things that you would never do.

A good person doesn’t play the victim when, in reality, they’re the bully. A good person doesn’t go around telling everyone that you’re a horrible partner and that they can’t stand the nagging, the clinginess, the chains. They don’t try to turn the situation around to make you look like the bad guy.

A good person doesn’t blame you for all of their problems. A good person doesn’t take their frustrations out on you after a long day, because they have no one else to use as their punching bag. Because they know that you’ll stay, no matter what.

A good person doesn’t make you shudder when they’re angry. A good person doesn’t make you cry yourself to sleep every night. A good person doesn’t make you fear for your own life.

A good person doesn’t act like he does.

It’s time for you to wake up, shake the dust out of your eyes, and realize that not only is he a bad boyfriend — but he’s a bad person. So he’s certainly not your forever person.

And you need to leave him. You need to leave him now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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