25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

Not all ghosts are friendly. To prove it, here are some of the scariest paranormal stories from Ask Reddit.
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1. We watched a creature float down the stairs

“The coolest one would have to be when my friend and I were at my old two story house when we were around 8 years old.

First, let me try to paint the visual. Where we are is the living room. It is massive. The tv is in front of us and the entry way/front door is to our right. To the right of the front door are stairs the go up, level out, then up again in the opposite direction. Hope that helps.

Now to the story. My friend and I were laying on the living room floor watching The World Is Not Enough on pay-per-view. After watching it over and over, we decided to go to sleep finally. We then turn the tv off. Next thing I know my friend is pushing me and after I look over at him I look towards the stairs. That’s what he was trying to get me to look at.

This thing was hollow. Black as black could be. It had the shape of the grim reaper or a dementor from Harry Potter, but just solid black with nothing else. Just a shadow. It had no feet as well. It was floating down the stairs but like it was walking. It went down the first part of the stairs, turned, then came the rest of the way down. Then it turned to its right and then towards the front door and POOF. It vanished like it went out of the front door.

I looked at my friend and said, ‘Did you see what I just saw?’ He described it just as I saw it. Still freaks us out to this day.” — marcusmaximus06

2. My bed levitated while I was still asleep in it

“I spent some years in a haunted house. I was a skeptic before I moved in, and as I was leaving that place I was a firm believer.

Almost every night, right after sunset the upper story would come alive with voices, whispering, noises like heavy furniture getting dragged, hoofed animals running amok or some with heavy military boots on pacing quickly in circles.

As the night progressed the weirdness just got weirder and spookier. We would wake up noticing that blankets had been pulled off us and lying on the floor. Some times our beds would shake and rock. Once I woke up to find that my bed was levitating in the air. Just to confirm that it was not a hallucination nor a nightmare, I scratched upon the ceiling with my nails and used the metal strap of my wrist watch that was under my pillow to leave scratch marks. Those marks existed until the day we left that place.

Some times some would say our names out loud. Once I woke up to a very heavy incessant knock on my bed room door to find my 86 years old father standing outsides. He said nothing but appeared aloof, very angry and distant. I escorted him back to his room and as I opened the door to his bed room I found my father sleeping on his bed. The entity or what ever that I had escorted thinking it to be my dad had vanished. It freaked my wife and myself out.

Once we were talking in the living room when suddenly we all heard very loud noises appearing from different spots from that room, as if some heavy iron bar was being struck upon the floor.

Some times the rooms would stink. worse than any open sewer, and times a very heavy smell would fill up the rooms which might have been agreeable had it not been “over sprayed” in a manner of speaking. At least once I saw a short man like entity, very heavyset and with a round face standing . It appeared human but not exactly so, something was off about it . It seemed like his head was glued to his torso with out any neck.

We heaved a sigh of much needed relief as we left that place.” — entropyx1

3. My mother spoke to the ghost of an elderly woman

“My mom’s story to me one afternoon when I got home from high school. I could tell something was wrong as soon as I saw her. She was visibly upset so I asked her what happened. For background, she was an interior decorator and part of her job was sketching out crude floor plan drawings and measuring rooms for flooring.

So, she gets a call from a lady that is updating her home and wants new flooring and asks mom to come look at the home, offer suggestions and take measurements. After arranging a time to meet, the lady tells her that she can’t make it or will be late but no worries, the house will be unlocked and there won’t be anyone there.

This seems a little odd but mom goes anyway. The house is a typical 1940’s bungalow and in need of some updates but otherwise well kept. Mom knocks, nobody home, so she lets herself in as instructed. She starts her routine of sketching and measuring and she hears a noise coming from the back of the house, like a door knob rattle.

Being engrossed in her work she second guesses her hearing and continues working. A few minutes go by and she definitely hears it again. So she calls out, ‘Hello? Anyone home?’

No reply.

Waiting a few moments and not hearing any other noises, she goes back to sketching. Then, she hears the unmistakable sounds of a door knob turning and a door swinging open, creaking and all, while lightly brushing the carpet as it opens.

At this point she’s a little frightened because she was supposed to be alone she thought. As she waits silently, she can hear the shuffle of footsteps coming up the hallway toward the room she’s in. From the hallway emerges this little old gray haired lady in a moo-moo and house slippers.

Mom is a little relieved it isn’t an axe murderer or anything so she greets the old lady and apologized for disturbing her. The lady ignored mom, continued into the kitchen where she heard a cabinet door open and close and then the little old lady shuffled back down the hallway to her room and closed the door with a loud thump.

She thought it was odd that the lady would ignore her but maybe she was nearly deaf and blind or something, she looked at least 90! So mom finished up the rooms she was in but didn’t want to disturb the old lady so she didn’t do any of the back rooms.

Later, she calls the owner and discusses what she measured and apologized again for disturbing the old lady. Silence on the phone and then, ‘What old lady?’

Mom says, ‘The old lady in the back room, I spoke to her when she came out but I’m not sure she heard me.’

More silence… ‘What did she look like?’

Mom replied, ‘Well, she was short and shuffled her feet coming down the hall in her white house slippers, wearing a multi-color moo-moo dress, glasses, slightly hunched forward and looked about 90 years old.’

At this point mom could hear the lady on the other end of the line breathing in a very distressed way and she pauses a few seconds and says, ‘You just described my mother.’

Thinking nothing of it my mom replies, ‘Yeah, ok, like I said, please tell her I’m sorry for disturbing her.’

The owner says, ‘You don’t understand, my mother passed away 2 months ago.’

My mom was still a little bit white, shaken up and on the verge of tears as she was telling me this 20 years ago. Every time I mention the story again she gets a little freaked out and won’t discuss it.” — Brewski32

4. A ghost walked around in my father’s clothes

“Not me, but my dad, uncles and their friends growing up all had experiences in my grandma’s house, where my dad and uncles grew up. They’ve told me multiple stories, but in each story the spirit was friendly. They even named it Harry, and it would respond to them. My favorite story came from my dad.

He had just returned from riding his dirt bike right after a big storm, so his clothes were covered in mud. He came home to an empty house – a normal occurrence – and decided to take the muddy clothes off outside so he won’t have to clean the mess they would make. After doing so, he walks to the kitchen in just underwear and socks, and gets a drink. When he closes the fridge, he sees in his peripheral vision what looks like a person wearing the muddy clothes. Without turning his head, my dad said, ‘Harry, if you track mud all the way into the kitchen, you know my mom won’t let you hear the end of it.’ Right as he finished the sentence, the clothes dropped to the floor. He then picked up the pile of clothes and tossed them in the sink, cleaned up the trail and went on with his day.” — rssmitty13

5. I lived inside of a haunted house for years

“Same house:

Chip bags and water bottles make crinkling noises as if someone was getting into them. Sometimes something will be sitting in my end table from the night before (untouched) and they start crinkling.

My bathroom door lever turned and the door closed. My husband saw it happen from the outside thinking I did it and I saw it from the inside thinking my toddler did it.

My cabinets will close while I’m looking in them.

My (then 2-year-old) asked me where Dominick went (his cousin that is older than him that died at birth)

Son pointed at his throat and said ‘Grammy… All gone.’ Mom just finished chemo and radiation for nasopharyngeal cancer and we were still waiting on results.” — OhHeyalNah

6. I heard a little girl’s voice on the line

“When I was around 14, we lived in a old house, that used to be used for viewing bodies for a funeral. You would walk in one door, visit with family eat, and leave through another door after viewing that body.

One day I was switching bedrooms, this is a two story house, and was moving from one top floor bedroom to another. I had one of those old Vtech 900 mhz phones that were super popular.

I unplugged it from the wall, and it made a weird beep noise, and i put the phone up to my ear and heard a little girl ask her grandmother if she could read her just one more story.

I still think about that a lot, could have been some sort of interference or something, but it wasn’t plugged into the wall, no phone line, no power. Creeps me out.” — AHarmlessFly

7. My kitchen chair moved four feet on its own

“Well, my house is haunted, but it’s by family. Weirdest and creepiest thing I can remember is watching my kitchen chair move backwards 3 or 4 feet by itself. Both my mom (who used to be a huge skeptic) told me she almost threw up from fear, and my 14 year old daughter saw it also.

I’ve also had something grab around my ankle at night, I’ve had huge bruises the size and shape of handprints appear from no where.

I also think I’ve seen a shadow figure.

I played with a ouija board back in like 2001, and I believe that this also contributed to it.” — X-Kim-x

8. We lived in a house that contained shadow people

“My mom is not a person to tell lies, and my grandparents wouldn’t either. They owned a house that had ‘shadow people’ constantly walking around in it. Everything from the shadow of children, to a very distinct man wearing a fedora standing in my Aunt’s room.

The entire house made everyone who went in there absolutely uncomfortable from the moment they stepped foot. There was a time when my grandparents ran into the previous owners at a grocery store, who looked absolutely relieved and said, ‘How are you liking the shadow people? They keeping you up?’

They knew too.

The creepiest though was when my mom started playing with Ouija boards. At about 8 in the morning just as my mom got up for school, she was laying in her bed after her shower, and an extremely loud screeching noise came up from under her bed in the shape of a woman with extremely long fingers, staring at my mom as it went from the right side of her bed all the way over her (like a rainbow) to the left side of her bed all while making a terrible breathing noise.

Scared the shit out of my mom.

Pair that with 3 incredibly loud knocks (at 10 to 3 a.m.) that woke everyone in the house on my mom’s bedroom door. She talked to a friend whose mom was a psychic, and we have the cassette tape of this incredibly creepy woman talking in a monotone voice saying,’The three knocks on your door suggest that something is trying to warn you about something terrible is going to happen to your family, most likely in three days at three o’clock, at 10 to 3.’

It goes on for 10 minutes, but it’s the creepiest cassette that we have, and I’ve heard it. It’s damn frightening, something out of a horror movie.

On the third night, my Aunt woke up at 2:50 a.m. both vomiting and having extreme diarrhea so much so that she lost something like 10 pounds. She was rushed to the hospital where they did a whole bunch of tests but found nothing.. At 4 o’clock in the morning on the dot, she stopped and everything was okay.” — Smubee

9. I watched a woman interact with a sinister spirit

“I have many but one which stands out happened on the first Saturday in July 2008, either the day before or after July 4th (I forget which).

I have moved into the castle owned by a widowed old lady who was a friend of mine in order to help her run it (it was open to the public for tours and events).

We had a tour where where the chaperone of a group of students broke away from his group and wandered down one of the galleries. I caught up with him and asked him to return to his group. He stopped in front of the doors connecting the gallery to the ballroom and said, ‘Watch this.’ He waved an EMF detector in front of the doors and it went off like crazy. Finally, he joined his group, the tour ended, and we started to close up the castle for the day.

An hour or so later, it was just me and the owner. She was on the third floor playing the pipe organ in a room with a balcony overlooking from one end of the ballroom. Alongside one long end of the ballroom was a musicians’ gallery. I was walking along there, approaching the door at the end which led to my apartment, when I heard someone call my name from nearby. I turned and there was no one there.

I went to the organ loft and asked the owner if she had called me and she said no, but she heard something down in the ballroom. I went down to check and didn’t find anything. Then I went to the doors connecting the gallery. When I opened them there was a blast of hot, staticy air rushing in, even though we had closed windows and doors. I called the owner down and she approached via the gallery and her hair started to lift off of her head. She said there was something here which ought not to be here.

Entering the ballroom, she walked to the middle of the room, looked up at one of the large stained glass windows, closed her eyes and said, ‘Show me your face.’ She jumped back and said she had seen something sinister. She again closed her eyes, pushed her hands forward and said, ‘Get out of my house.’ Her hands strained against something I could not see and as she pushed forward she was leaning about 45 degrees on the tips of her toes.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang from behind me and another stream of hot, static-y air. The owner fell forward onto the ground, got up, and said, ‘It’s gone.’

However, for the remainder of the evening, we heard laughing, whispering, knocking, tapping, footsteps, and echoes throughout the castle. I contemplated leaving that night but remained for a couple of years.” — cfvh

10. I saw dead people while driving down the road

“All my life I’ve seen people on the side of the road when I drive at night. I always thought they were ghosts of people who died in car accidents. The scariest part is that it turns out I have schizophrenia.” — playingtricksonme

11. I heard footsteps and smelt cigarette smoke

“So many creepy things happened in the house my family owned from when I was 12 to 28. No one in my family smoked (we’re asthmatic) and the house was in the woods with no neighbors nearby. Every now and then we’d smell cigarette smoke, as if someone was smoking at the kitchen table. This continued for years until my mother asked “Casper” as we named him, to stop. It never happened again. The deck out back randomly smelled like patchouli (hippie perfume) sometimes but no one in the house ever wore it.

We also all heard footsteps in the house when no one else was home and my mom heard laughing coming from another room. My brother and his math tutor heard a lady scream one day when no one else was home and sometimes the lights would turn on/off by themselves. Twice, I saw orbs floating around the kitchen.

The basement was the creepiest part of the house, it always felt like you were being watched. It was huge and totally finished, so there were multiple rooms down there. My brother moved his bedroom to the basement but he only lasted a month because so many creepy things kept happening. This guy I was seeing stayed there for a night and refused to ever visit my house again. He wouldn’t tell me what happened but he ended up being a total creep so I was actually glad that “Casper” scared him away.

Sometimes the things that happened were helpful. I remember wrapping Christmas presents and the tape and scissors magically appeared on the table in front of me when I turned my back for a second. A few times, my arms were full when I was at the door fiddling with my keys and the porch light would turn on by itself when it was dark at night.

Other times it was really scary. I had four dogs over the years and they all would bark and growl at the same spot in the house. One night, my brother heard steps coming from the attic and leading down the hallway and when they got to his bedroom door, this hockey stick that was nailed to the wall above his bed flew off and hit him. Whatever was in our house got more and more malevolent until one day the dog kept whimpering and wouldn’t leave my brother’s side. All the sudden, it started growling at a corner of the dining room and then yelped really loud, like someone had kicked it. My brother (who is a very intimidating Marine) started yelling at whatever it was to “get the f**k out of the house and leave our family and dog alone.” The bad things stopped happening after that.

Tons of other stuff happened and it was so frequent that we hardly even acknowledged it. We had working CO detectors and the house is only 30 years old so I have no idea what it could’ve been. I think it was actually my brother who is haunted and not the house because he continues to have problems with the supernatural wherever he lives. My mom was also a hospice nurse, so maybe the fact that she was constantly around dying/dead people had something to do with it. We sold the house last year and I was actually really sad. Even if it was haunted, it was a beautiful house and the ghosts were easier to live with than a lot of roommates I’ve had.” — FACOFACOFACO

12. A woman walked into my bedroom in the middle of the night

“Laying in bed one night, it’s pitch black apart from the light creeping under the door from the landing. My mum was actually with me in the same room as we had only just moved in and she was sleeping on the floor.

I look up and the door slowly creeks open and slowly an oldish women peers around the door looks at me and goes away.

I just thought I was in a nightmare and turned around real fast and went under the covers, hoping I would wake up.

Then I will never forget my mum whispering to me, ‘Did you just see someone peer round the door?’ Safe to say we didn’t sleep a wink that night.” — PM-ME-YOUR-POEM

13. We heard tapping on the balcony door

“It happened when I was at a hot spring hotel in South Korea with my siblings. Our room got upgraded to a suite with a tatami room, a double bedded room, balcony, dining area and kitchenette. As we were on the fourth floor, we could see the rice fields from the balcony.

The moment I walked into the room, I had an uneasy feeling that made my hairs on my arms stand on end. I attributed it to the air-conditioning at first. At around midnight, when my siblings and I were midway through our pillow fight in the tatami room, we heard knocking from the wall in the other bed. There was no one else in the suite with us. Feeling creeped out, we decided to stop fooling around and sleep huddled together in the tatami room. That was when we heard tapping coming from the glass doors of the balcony. It was the unmistakable taps of nails on glass. That was when I remembered that there were no trees or branches near our balcony. We totally freaked out and didn’t even dare to walk out to draw the curtains to check. Throughout the whole night, I clutched my jade amulet and prayed.

The next morning, other members (of the tour group that we were in) staying on the same floor mentioned that they had experienced disturbances at night too. The other most notable incident was of an old lady whose blanket kept getting pulled off her bed.

Now that was a freaky experience.” — awwsnapz

14. I heard distorted voices coming from the kitchen

“One night when I was about 14 my whole family had gone out, leaving just me in the house. The lights were off and I was in my bedroom asleep… when I started hearing faint voices arguing about something.

I just lay there for a while, figuring it was the neighbors tv or something, but the voices didn’t go away, there were no ad breaks, and it really sounded like it was in our house. So, upbraiding myself for being a coward, I get out of bed, quietly open my bedroom door, and go into the hallway. The voices are now slightly louder but still very soft… and it sounds like they are coming from the kitchen.

Mustering up some courage I creep into the lounge room. By now it’s obvious that the voices are indeed coming from the kitchen (it’s the next room) and they’re still arguing about something. But they sound kind of weird and distorted.

I stayed silent in the lounge room for a few minutes, but eventually decided even though I was really scared, to stick my head around the corner and look into the kitchen.

I do this silently, even breathing with my mouth open to avoid noise… and can see no one. No one is there. But the voices are quite distinct now, though not loud. The hair on my head is starting to rise (literally… I was getting goosebumps too.)

I forced myself to take a few steps into the kitchen. Voices are still there… and now I can tell where they are coming from – the stove.

This was back in the 70’s and my mother had a stove with those metal spirals for hotplates. By now I was feeling less scared and more weirded out. I put my head down near where the noise was… and discovered it was coming from where the metal spiral joined onto some sort of box that led downwards into the guts of the stove.

Years afterwards when the net was around I looked it up and found people have been able to naturally receive radio signals on teeth, teeth fillings, crystals, and various other things.

So… maybe not scary for you, but very scary for me. And it was real.” — [deleted]

15. A hand reached toward the top of the window

“I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the day, when a smacking sound on the window caught my attention. This window was frosted, and only a foot wide, but floor to ceiling. Pressed up against the top of the window from the outside, near the ceiling, was a hand. I stared at it, and while I was watching it smacked the window twice more, then vanished. That bathroom wall abutted a small rocky cliff, so there was no place for someone to stand and reach for.” — withoutamartyr

16. A ghost spoke to us over the baby monitor

“Here’s a recent one for you!

My husband and I were staying at my sister’s place when she was out of town, and we had our 10 month old with us. We had set him up in a playpen in her room, as we were sleeping in the guest room. We had a monitor on so we could hear if he woke up.

The monitor kept crackling. It was the strangest thing. It sounded like static, and it was very loud. We moved the monitor around several times, and even snuck into his room to try to move the receiver thinking something might be interfering, but the crackling continued (though it wasn’t constant, it was very intermittent).

We joked around that it must have been the ghost of the man who lived there before my sister.

We went to bed, and had the monitor on, but the crackling was soooo annoying because just as you’d drift to sleep, it would start to crackle. Then it would disappear, then it would start again. We got up and moved it three times, and checked on the baby again to ensure everything was okay. Nothing was amiss.

After about 40 minutes of this, I had just started to drift to sleep when the stupid crackling started again. ‘It must be a ghost,’ my husband joked, to which I remarked, ‘Okay, ghost – I’m sorry, but you’re gone, and you should go to the other side now, there is nothing here for you.’

The crackling abruptly stopped and it did not make a sound EVER again – that was months and months ago and we have never heard it crackle since.

I’ll tell ya, I thought the crackling was keeping me up. But once it stopped, I was wide awake!” — designut

17. The clock moved on its own

“The clock with no batteries in my kitchen changes time sometimes. Very strange. Creeps me out.” — MissAli25

18. I was pulled across my mattress

“Being pulled diagonally down my mattress, feeling a weight as if something is on my back, and in my ear I hear something speaking in an unknown tribal voice. Scared the shit out of me!” — Cyberblix

19. A psychic predicted my mother’s future

“Before I was born, my mom went to a fortune teller, who told her 3 things:

1) Either my mom would have twins, or one of her children would have twins

2) She would live on a street called ‘Stone St.’

3) She would get a new car

So what ends up happening? She goes on to give birth to a set of twins, me and my brother. Less than a year later, our family moves into house on a street that intersects with a Stone St. half a block from the house.

The kicker is the last one, though. The night she visited the fortune teller, her Mustang caught on fire and was totaled.” — setthebartoolow

20. A dark figure tried to possess me

“I used to have this reoccurring dream where this black figure with no face would visit me and try to posses me. It would typically enter my being through my mouth and at that point I would have no control over my dream. It would tell me to do terrible things to people and it had a scratchy voice. The weirdest part that every time it would be inside me I physically would feel ill. I would wake up with the same feeling often times vomiting right away. The last time this happened must have been 3 years ago.” — churrosricos

21. I became friends with a girl that didn’t exist

“Probably not the most believable but I swear to you this happened and it still freaks me out to this day!

When I was in 3rd grade I lived in a cul-de-sac. In a peaceful neighborhood. Behind the neighborhood was an elementary school that everyone went to.

The elementary was built on an old abandoned farm land. The previous owner had killed his wife and children in the 70’s or 80’s I believe over infidelity and then killed himself. His dilapidated barn still stood there behind the school in a fenced off area with overgrown grass. Kids used to dare each other to go there at night some did. Many kids experienced various paranormal activities in and around the school.

Every recess I used to go outside and play with this group of kids whose last name was Honeycut. They were identical twin girls and their younger brother. They were always kind of weird looking, ultra pale with purple bags under their eyes, striking green irises and chiclet like teeth. Quite frankly they looked malnourished.

We used to spend our recesses playing out on the older jungle gym by the fences. We’d dare each other to go over there through a small child sized hole in the fence but never actually did it. But one day one of the girls “M” decided she was going to go ahead and go through the hole. So her brother acted as the look out while me and her sister held the edges of the fence.

When she climbed through she was completely swallowed by the grass and we lost sight of her. After a few minutes her sister urged me to go through the fence after her. I’m a chicken with a strong flight response so that was not happening. Eventually I spotted sight of her again holding hands with a man. He looked to be about 40 years of age, a Caucasian man with brown hair. Something about him seemed off… and when I saw him I was instantly frightened. He was leading M towards the barn.

When I saw that I took off running towards the lunch ladies and exasperatedly told them what happened. Since I wasn’t one for fibbing she believed me and her and the rest of the lunch lady crew plus the gym teacher started searching back there for her but they never found her. I admittedly was kind of shaken up the rest of the day.

The next day when I went to class I was super antsy because I wanted to know what happened to M. During lunch inhaled my food and made my way out to recess. Once outside I located the Honeycuts, only to see just two of them; M was still missing. I inquired about M, but both of them looked at me skeptically; Like they had no idea what or whom I was talking about. They informed me they had no sister and that it was just the two of them. I thought they were ribbing me so I played along with the joke.

At the end of the day I found them as their mother was coming to pick them up. I asked her about M and she too looked at me like I was crazy, and told me I must be mistaken. Perplexed I went my way home. When I got home i got the bright idea to look at my yearbook from last year. I searched the name index for their last name, only to find that only the two of them were listed in the yearbook.

I freaked out after that I and tried to forget that it ever happened…” — seveer4444

22. I woke up with a man in front of me

“I set up a tent on my bed and slept in it one night. I woke up to a man and a dog at the foot of the bed staring at me. My legs were stiff in the morning because I had them folded as far from the foot of the bed all night.

Another time I was just put to bed, laying on my side. Something blew into my ear. I turned over and nothing was there.

I have heard odd noises in a new house of mine. I grabbed a chair and sat in the dark for a while, no noises or anything while I was down there. Was hoping to see something.” — MoneyIsTiming

23. My father contacted us after his death

“Here are a couple quick stories that still send shivers down my spine.

My father passed away and we were getting things together for his memorial service and funeral. My mom had a bunch of pictures spread out on her bed of them and some happier times. I was on the couch watching TV as the rest of my family were at the grocery store. I heard what could only be described as a faint chuckle coming from down the hall in my moms room. I went down the hall to her room and her TV was on and tuned into religious programs (my dad always watched that stuff). On her bed, the pictures were put in a neat little pile with the top picture being a photo of my parents at a black tie event for the Governor’s Inauguration (their favorite date night). A note in my dad’s handwriting said “Hope you had a whole lotta fun”.

Before he died, he bought a box of Drumstick ice cream treats, but never got to open it. He would always eat two of the four at a time. A couple days after the picture incident, I went to the freezer to get a snack. I unzipped the cardboard box, opened it up to find two treats missing.” — PhiAlphaBorn1856

24. The wheels on his bike wouldn’t stop spinning

“I’ve got a few from the same house. The one that’s my favorite is the one about my friends bike. I was over pretty much every day, and saw some shit. He put his BMX bike in a corner of his room and the back tire was spinning and never stopped. It would spin 3 times one way, pause then go the other. It did it for months, till he had a house party. Everyone had seen it, and he’d had windows opened and closed with breeze flowing though to disrupt it, but it kept at it. We’re in his room having a smoke and talking about the paranormal stuff and how the bike must be haunted! The moment he said that the bike stopped dead mid way through a spin. We ran outside to finish our smokes.” — ZooRage

25. There was a strange shadow in my daughter’s bedroom

“Happened about 6 hours ago…

Yesterday morning, my about to be 3 year old daughter told me that there’s a monster in daddy’s room. ‘A monster on my pillow dadda.’ I laugh and tell her there’s no such thing and take her to day care.

We went to sleep last night and I woke to her saying, ‘Help me dadda, help me!’ and I think it’s just a scary dream, so I roll over and open my eyes to locate and grab her so I can hold her back to sleep. It was dark in the room except for a faint amount of light from the charger under the bed.

I reached to grab what I thought was her head on her pillow and got nothing but air… I thought the black shadow was her, but it wasn’t and I was like ‘ummmm…wtf’ and I looked at the shadow closer and then it moved once, I then instantly grab my daughter and pull her close to me and that’s when she says to me, “Look, you see it! Look dadda right there! look!’ and points at it… The shadow moved toward the darker corner of the bed where it was pitch black…

I then convinced myself it was nothing and probably just the shadow from the light creeping through the bottom of the bed and showing the pillow on the wall and her hand was what I saw moving…. yup.. I’m sticking with that for now…” — EnigmaSpore Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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