Date The Girl That Feels Deeply

Unsplash, Jiri Wagner

She never hides her emotions, because she doesn’t know how. Even if she wanted to pretend that she was fine, her real feelings would be obvious. They are shown across her face.

When she’s sad, you can tell. When she’s annoyed, you can tell. When she has a crush, you can tell. Her expressions always give her thoughts away.

The girl that feels deeply will never betray you, because she’s incapable of looking into your eyes and telling a lie. She prides herself on her honesty. She gives the truth and expects the truth in return.

She’s the type that likes to talk about her feelings, because she believes it’s better to put everything on the table than pretend that her emotions don’t exist.

When she’s happy, she’s delighted. When she’s excited, she’s ecstatic. And yes, when she’s mad, she’s furious — but that’s not always a bad thing. It means that your problems are never going to linger. The second she becomes upset, you’ll know about it, and you can work on fixing it.

With her, there will never be any surprises. You won’t wake up one day and find out that she’s lost feelings for you. If that happens, you’ll see it coming. You’ll be able to see it in her eyes, in her smile.

She doesn’t like games. She would rather let you know that she loves you than wonder whether or not you can tell how she feels. She would rather tell you that she’s upset than wait for you to guess what’s the matter.

And she wants you to do the same. Instead of making her decipher mixed signals, she would prefer it if you told her the truth — even if it’s painful. She would rather know how you feel about her from the start than play detective for months.

She loves deeply, which means that she also hurts deeply. She doesn’t want to get played. She doesn’t want to get attached to the idea of you and then find out that you were never actually interested in dating her.

So if you find a girl that feels deeply, don’t lead her on. Don’t tell her what you think she wants to hear instead of giving her the truth. Treat her with respect. And, if you’re ready for something real, take a chance on her.

She might come across as clingy, but that’s only because she likes to latch onto the good things in life. If she thinks you’re worthy of her time, she’s going to give it to you. If she believes you two could have a future, she’s going to try to create one.

The girl that feels deeply will give 100 percent. She will kiss you with passion. She will touch you with electricity. She will make you feel like you’re finally alive.

She will put in the effort to make your relationship last an eternity, because the thing she hates the most in life is letting go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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