12 Reasons To Date The Bold Girl With Big Dreams

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1. She never gives up hope. She persists, even when it feels like the world as a whole is against her. So if your relationship ever goes through a rough patch, she isn’t going to leave you. She’s going to try to fix things. She’s going to put in effort to set things right.

2. She’ll push you to succeed. She isn’t going to laugh at your dreams, because she knows what that feels like. She’s going to encourage you to pursue your goals by reminding you of your worth and quoting motivational speeches. She’s going to make you a better person that you ever thought possible.

3. She’s passionate. She doesn’t half-ass anything. She gives everything she has at work and she’ll do the same inside the bedroom. She’ll kiss you with fire on her lips and touch you with sparks on her fingertips.

4. She makes her own money. You don’t have to worry about supporting her, because she can take care of herself. She’s strong and self-sufficient. That means you won’t always be the one picking up the check after dinner.

5. She knows her worth. She knows how smart she is. She knows how talented she is. She has high standards in every area of her life.

6. She’ll leave you with plenty of alone time. You won’t have to worry about finding time to catch up with old friends, because she’s a busy bee. She has places to go and people to see — she has a life away from you — which means you’ll have plenty of space. You’ll never feel suffocated by her love.

7. She knows exactly what she wants. She’s not the type to play games or send mixed signals. She’ll tell you exactly how she feels. You’ll never have to guess what’s on her mind.

8. She’s a planner. If you ever take a vacation with her, or even go on a date with her, you won’t have to worry about the arrangements. She’ll figure out where you’re going and when. And she’ll pack everything either of you could possibly need in her purse. She always plans ahead.

9. She has a beautiful mind. She’s always working and she’s always learning. That means she’ll have plenty of interesting things to talk to you about, to teach you about. She’ll expand your mind.

10. She is a work in progress. Sure, she has bad habits, but she’s constantly working on improving them. She’s actively trying to become the best person she can be — but she isn’t doing it for you. She’s doing it for herself.

11. She values her time. Every second matters. So if she’s setting time aside in her schedule to see you, that means she’s serious about you. She believes you’re worthy of her full attention.

12. Her dreams means everything to her. She cares about her work more than she’ll ever care about a boy, so if you walk away, that’s okay. She’ll survive. She’ll still have something to live for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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