16 Signs You’re Stuck In That Gray Area Between Flirting And Dating

Twenty20, adamkuylenstierna
Twenty20, adamkuylenstierna

1. You’re always texting and snapchatting, but you rarely talk in person (unless you happen to run into each other at school or work). 

2. You constantly talk about how much you miss each other and have to hang out soon, but the weekends continue to fly by without you two actually seeing each other. 

3. It’s obvious that you both like each other (maybe you’ve even admitted as much), but for some reason you haven’t gone out on an actual date yet. 

4. You talk about all the things you want to do together (get dinner, see a movie, take a trip to the city), but you never make concrete plans to actually do any of those things. 

5. When you finally get the chance to hang out with them one-on-one, you flirt like crazy and get thiiiis close to kissing, but neither of you actually make the move. But you both regret it later. 

6. They know everything about your friends, parents, and pets. But they’ve never actually met any of them. 

7. When you tell other people stories about them, it doesn’t seem right calling them a friend. But you wouldn’t call them a boyfriend/girlfriend, either. Honestly, you have no idea what your label is.

8. You try to keep your weekends free, just in case they actually want to hang out. And, of course, you’re always left disappointed.

9. You kind of want to sext them and send nudes and tell them deep stories about your childhood, but you’re not sure your relationship has reached that level yet, so you end up erasing messages right after you type them.

10. You try not to text them too early or too often, because you don’t want to appear desperate and scare them away. And they’re doing the same damn thing — unless they just care less than you do. 

11. You get jealous when they get close to someone else, but you feel like you haven’t earned the right to reveal that jealousy, because you two aren’t official. 

12. If you have the chance to go out to dinner with them, it’s awkward when the check comes. You don’t know if you should pay for the whole thing or if you should split the bill or if you should see if they offer. Basically, you can’t tell if you’re finally on a date or are only hanging out.

13. They make plans with you. And then cancel plans with you, promising you a raincheck that never actually occurs.

14. Your friends keep asking you for updates. Are you officially dating yet? You must be together by now. But you never have any good news for them.

15. They like every status you post seconds after you post it, but they haven’t changed their Facebook status to in a relationship and haven’t uploaded any pictures of the two of you together. 

16. You’re starting to wonder if they’re only leading you on. I mean, if they liked you as much as you liked them, wouldn’t you two be a couple already? Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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