14 Guys Reveal The Tiny Things Girlfriends Do That Instantly Destroy A Man’s Self-Esteem

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

1. Taking something from us

Pulling something out of my hands, doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen utensil, tool, or anything. It shows that what I’m doing doesn’t matter, and my efforts are pointless.

— Heavycamera

2. Getting angry because we don’t know something

Seven years married and I’m wondering when she’ll finally realize that I can’t read her mind (yes, I’ve told her). But the amount of times she’s been upset with me because I didn’t know something has to be approaching the millions.

— Yak47

3. Correcting us over little stuff

She corrects me on the smallest things like if I’m telling her a story and say stop sign when I meant stop light or vice versa. Doesn’t change the meaning of what I was saying or confuse anything but she still has to make it a point to correct it. I would self correct but she jumps so fast to do it I can’t.

— elementality22

4. Dismissing our sexual needs

In the past something that did bother me was treating my sexual desires as a nuisance that is tolerated as opposed to something she enjoyed.

— yoyoyo_its_me

5. Backseat driving

Despite being driving for many years, never an accident and even driving since I was young in Ireland, she was the worst back seat driver ever. She would constantly belittle and demean everything I did in a moving vehicle until I would actually make a mistake. Then it was like hell on earth. Contrast this with the fact she was majorly unsafe as a driver; two of our friends even would refuse rides from us on account of her. When she had her first accident, I wasn’t even in the car but it was my fault.

— CircleOfO

6. Always doing something wrong (no matter what)

Always finding fault. I did the dishes? Didn’t load dishwasher right? Did laundry? Didn’t use right fabric softener. Mowed lawn? Loose grass in the driveway. It’s a power thing with her. And she can’t figure out why I don’t want to do anything.

Also criticizing or questioning my decisions. Always. Then can’t figure out why I don’t make quick decisions. Uh, because I’m wondering how you’re going to attack it.

— MachineGunTeacher

7. Outright mocking us in front of friends

We were out with a couple friends. I was coming out of the bathroom, she was coming in. For some reason she just started kissing me passionately. I fell for it. I thought I was on that night. She ended up laughing with her girlfriends that I was a moron for thinking that way and that I looked like a rhinosaurus, that I snored like a hog, etc. I didn’t get it.

— CircleOfO

8. Mocking our hobbies

Despite the fact that she had previously told me that she found my hobby of collecting Hot Wheels cars and Lego sets adorable and enjoys playing racing games with me, she proceeded to call me a “sad…lonely…loser” for all of the above. Never mind the fact that I have depression.

— porsche_914

9. Mocking our physical appearance

I have bad acne. While I had a particularly bad flare up on my face, she took it upon herself to point it out to me, saying that she had been staring at it all day. (Further implying that she hadn’t been paying attention to my face, body, or anything else we were doing.)

— porsche_914

10. Not paying attention to us

I don’t feel like a boyfriend, I’m a roommate, I initiate all conversation and sex, any leaving the house has to be my idea, she doesn’t have any friends to go out with, if I go out with mine she refuses to come. If I stayed silent she’d play Civ VI and never talk to me. Even cuddles before bed I have to beg for or wait until she’s asleep. I’m a damn housecat at this point, feels super one sided. I know she loves me but damn I wish I was worth the effort.

— drinkthebleach

11. Laughing at us wanting to have sex

Laugh at verbal advances or pull back / shut down physical advances

— isthattrulyneeded

12. Snooping through our stuff

Just recently broke up here, but her snooping through my phone when I wasn’t paying attention ; she would make accusations about me and her just by looking through my Reddit history, up votes, comments, saved, my messenger chats, my everything. She would then get angry when I told her not to snoop through my phone >_>

1 year with her by the way, it got this bad near the end.

— SolarDeath666

13. When they refuse to be affectionate

When she isn’t affectionate. I got tickets to see one of my favorite musicians. I had my arms around her standing from behind. She said to stop because there’s a kid around. I was fucking pissed because it was my day, We rarely did anything that I wanted to do together. I drove downtown, paid for drinks and food, the least you can fucking do I let me hug you in public, waiting in line, with nothing else to do. We got in such an argument we didn’t even make it to the show.

— Suspendedskinnykid

14. Asking other people for directions

I’m surprised no-one has mentioned asking for directions yet. If I stop the car to check the map, she would call over anyone passing. Annoying for two reasons. Firstly, I’m not lost, I’m checking where we need to go next. Secondly, verbal directions from a stranger are completely counterproductive.

Even if the instructions are complete, they are hard to follow and impossible to relate to the map – and I need the map for when “the third house with a white door on the left just past the bus stop, no, they moved that didn’t they…” isn’t obvious. Just leave me to read the map! If I can navigate across the arctic wilderness, I can surely find the way to the B&B.

— ctesibius Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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