11 Reasons It Takes Strong Women Such A Long Time To Find Love


1. She’s a work in progress. And she’s not apologetic about it. She’s proud of it. Every single day, she grows. She keeps getting closer and closer to the woman she was always meant to become

2. She has a life outside of love. She’s overflowing with potential. Passion leaks from her fingertips. Since she has so many hobbies, and a promising career, to focus on, she’s easily distracted from dating.

3. She doesn’t waste time with what-ifs. When someone leaves her life, she doesn’t waste time questioning what she could have done differently. She lets him go. She moves on. She never looks back, because she doesn’t believe in mistakes.

4. She avoids toxicity. She knows what true love is — and it’s not snooping. It’s not resenting. It’s not doubting. It’s smiles and laughs and silly conversations. It’s beauty that the eyes can see and the soul can feel.

5. She is brutally honest. If you hurt her, you’ll know, because she’ll tell you. She doesn’t put on an act, pretending that everything is fine, when she secretly wants to run to the bathroom to cry. She tells it like it is — and some people can’t handle pure truth.

6. She knows what she deserves. She refuses to settle. Refuses to play games. Refuses to give out mixed signals. Refuses to lower her standards, or surrender her dignity, to find a boyfriend.

7. She’s comfortable with her body. She doesn’t need a stranger to tell her that she’s beautiful. She sees her beauty every time that she glances in the mirror. She finds her self-worth within herself — not from a man’s lips.

8. She’s intimidating AF. She initiates first kisses and sex. She says exactly what’s on her mind. She might even make more money than you. She’s a powerful woman. And some see power as intimidating.

9. She reads people well. She knows when trouble is brewing. She has strong gut feelings that push and pull her in different directions. If she has a bad feeling about you, then she isn’t going to stick around to be proven right.

10. She expects to be treated like an equal. Not a Disney princess. Not a damsel in distress. She doesn’t want you to look down on her or put her on a pedestal. She wants to find her equal — emotionally, physically, spiritually.

11. She has a lot of love in her life. Friends. Family members. Pets. Classmates. Coworkers. She’s surrounded by love. That’s why finding a boyfriend is far from her first priority. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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