50 Intense Sexts That Will Turn Any Man On

1. You look sexiest with my nipple in between your teeth.

2. Kiss me from my neck down to my chest.

3. I’ve been walking around topless all morning.

4. I cum hardest when you pay attention to my tits.

5. My nipples are so hard that they’re poking through my shirt.

6. I want to play with your hair while you suck on my tits.

7. Cum across my chest tonight.

8. I want you to rip my shirt off the second you see me.

9. I’m going to give you a blowjob. Topless.

10. Your lips feel so good against my nipples.

11. I want you to watch my breasts bounce as I ride that cock.

12. It’s hard to text, because I’m trying to play with my clit and my nipples at the same time.

13. I want you to suck on my tits while you thrust into me.

14. My boobs are practically popping out of this shirt.

15. Imagine me straddling you without any clothes on.

16. I’m thinking about getting my nipples pierced.

17. I love how hard my titties make you.

18. I’m not wearing a bra.

19. I don’t know if I want you to suck on my clit or my breasts first.

20. What do you think would look better? Nipple clamps or tassels?

21. Do you want my boobs in your hands or your mouth?

22. I want to get on my knees and rub your cock against my tits.

23. Bring some whipped cream over, so you can lick it off of me.

24. You look hot when you’re holding my breasts.

25. You make my nipples hard.

26. My tits will be out by the time you get home.

27. I just bought a see-through bra you’re going to love.

28. I want you to run your tongue across my nipples.

29. Push my breasts together and titty fuck me.

30. I need your cock in my pussy. And my breasts in your mouth.

31. Will you suck on my tits while I touch myself?

32. I think I’m going to sleep naked tonight.

33. I want our lips, and our chests, pressed together.

34. This new dress shows off my side boob.

35. I love it when you stare at my chest like it’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

36. I think I could cum, just from feeling you touching my nipples.

37. I had a wet dream where you came across my chest and I managed to lick it off.

38. Take me lingerie shopping.

39. Want me to send you the topless photos I just took?

40. My new push-up bra makes my tits look delicious.

41. I want to feel your warm cum on my chest.

42. If you’re a bad boy, I’m going to keep my shirt on during sex tonight.

43. I’m going to pin you down and stick my tits in your mouth.

44. Place kisses across my chest.

45. I love it when you reach under my shirt and massage my breasts.

46. I bet you won’t be able to stop staring at my cleavage tonight.

47. Fuck me hard and kiss me gently.

48. My boobs look bigger than usual today.

49. I can’t stop playing with my nipples. It feels so good.

50. I’m going to ride you, so you can stare at my chest until you cum. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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