I Don’t Want A 21st Century Kind Of Love

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I don’t want someone who’s more interested in dating apps than dating, someone who keeps swiping left and right to find the next best thing, someone who is not satisfied with just one person and someone who lies about who they are in a few sentences just to impress a bunch of strangers. I don’t want someone who’s living in pictures, who only wants what looks pretty, who picks profiles instead of souls. I want someone who looks beyond what they see on their screen, beyond what they read in a bio and someone who wants to date so they can find love instead of dating to run away from it.

I don’t want someone to prove to me that they’re paying attention by a Facebook comment or an Instagram like, I want more than just a double tap on a phone. I want someone to pay attention to what I say, what I do, who my friends are and what kind of person I am, I want someone to pay attention to the things I do privately, not the things I share with the world.

I don’t want to have important conversations over texts and share live moments via snapchats and video calls, I want to have deep conversations looking into someone’s eyes and I want to experience moments holding someone’s hand. I don’t want a connection over the internet, I want to build a real connection; a connection where two people decide they want to get to know each other without distractions, or bad internet service, without Wi-Fi or 4G problems.

I want a connection that’s far away from the digital world; I want a connection offline, a connection I don’t want to hang up on.

I don’t want someone who hides behind their busy life or someone who uses work as an excuse not to fall in love with somebody. I want someone who makes time for love, who wants love to be just as important as work and someone who understands that no one will ever be fully ready for love but you should always welcome it in when it knocks on your door.

I don’t want someone to tell me I deserve better or the timing is not right, I want someone who isn’t afraid of loving me, who isn’t afraid of taking a chance and someone who is more interested in finding solutions rather than excuses.

I don’t want someone who is more into quantity that quality, more into numbers than meanings or someone who is afraid of labels, of getting too close, of actually being loved. I want someone who is open, who doesn’t care about labels, who doesn’t care about ‘wasting’ the best years with someone who matters to them. I want someone who understands the beauty of commitment and the value of love; I don’t want someone who is reckless with other people’s hearts and guarded with theirs.

I don’t want a selfish kind of love and I don’t want a love that’s fake, a love that’s been given to a lot of people before me, and a love that is so easy to give because it’s not real. I want a special kind of love; the love that makes you wonder why you didn’t seek it sooner. A love that makes you believe that there truly is one person out there that will make you feel that no one else matters when they’re around and that you can’t see anyone else but them.

I don’t want a 21st century kind of love; easily replaced and forgotten, I want a love that breaks all these absurd rules, a love that is not available online, a love that is not based on a bunch of lies and a love that no one questions because it’s clear and defined. I want a love that can’t be erased.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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