25 People On The Messed Up Internet Thread That Made Them Sick To Their Stomachs

If you think you’ve seen the worst the internet has to offer, think again. There are a few Reddit users who have seen truly disturbing threads. Ones that you’ll wish weren’t true.

Unsplash, Simon Wijers
Unsplash, Simon Wijers

1. The murder of Emily Sander

“On 4chan, some guy buried a corpse of someone he killed. He told the people of 4chan that whoever guesses their post number would get the coordinates to the body. When somebody finally got it right, he posted the coordinates and there was a body there.”  HueX3_Vizorous

2. A boy murdered his own parents

“I think there was a thread about how a boy killed his parents and kept their corpses in his parent’s bedroom and then proceeded to throw a house party and did not let anyone go into that bedroom. As the party went on, people started noticing the smell and stuff happened and he got busted.” — kvonme

3. The UCC shooter warned others to stay out of school

“The UCC Shooter posted the night before attacking his community college the next day and killing 10.” — trippyblazer69

4. A man admitted he was a murderer 

“There was a 4chan thread probably 5-8 months back about a guy who claimed he was a murderer and killed many women. He posted Polaroid photos of a woman who had gone missing and never was found. Creepiest shit I’ve ever seen on 4chan.” — laIreadyknow

5. He stalked someone and created a fantasy life

“An anonymous user on a recurring /sp/ thread stalked and fantasized over a specific tripfag (4channer with a username) to the point of writing a nearly 100 page document about their future life together, their apartment layout, the tripfag’s funeral and obituary, and of course a work of erotic fiction. Absolutely worth a read through.” — killvolume

6. A man found an active grenade 

“Some guy got a safe and in it there was a grenade set to explode if anyone opened it.

Inside there was a bunch of illegal shit (like creepy illegal, not drugs).” — Keep-reefer-illegal

7. A man planned on raping his neighbors 

“There’s a documentingreality thread of a guy detailing his plans to murder and rape his female neighbors. Complete with psychopathic sketches. It’s a paid site or you only get 3 views per day. Worth it if you are into crime. But this guy is dangerous. I seriously think he’ll kill someone if he hasn’t already.” — jessicamshannon

8. He kept a man captive

“I remember seeing a thread on 4chan about some guy keeping an autistic guy in a cage built in his bed, while giving him female hormones.” — gr8clickb8

9. They found a blood soaked condom

“There was a thread on reddit about exploring a hole on a bridge that was big enough for a person to crawl inside, turns out someone was living there, they saw naked pictures of women on the walls with holes for eyes and a blood soaked condom.”  — definitelynotdeleted

10. He tricked people into creating poison

“The thing on 4chan where this person posted about a ‘Homemade Crystal!!’ recipe DIY But it actually turned out to be a deadly mix of fumes that can kill when you breathe them.” — ChickenTrashy

11. He tried to rape an escort

“Guy on /r/seduction tries to rape SE Asian escort, finds out she’s trans, threatens to murder her, then posts about how he’s the victim here.” — Zenith_and_Quasar

12. He saw bodies covering the road

“Didn’t see this one being mentioned on here yet and I’m not sure if it was thread or just a post but it was some ex-military dude driving down a deserted highway and seeing a body/bodies on the road and a car in a ditch. Has second thoughts about stopping to help and drives around the wreckage. He looks in the rear view mirror as he’s driving away and sees the body on the road sit up and other people come out of hiding places. Weird shit.” — mr_desi_dude

13. A man posted about his insane stalking habits

“‘But it sucks because I spent over a year trying to get her to like me. Liking and commenting on all her post on all her social media accounts. Always saying nice things about her and telling her how awesome she was. All of that effort I put into trying to make her happy is wasted. I wish I knew exactly why she dislikes me so much. She got a lot of comments that were rude and sexual, I never did anything like that. I’ve thought about calling the IGN office and pretending to be someone else and asking to talk to her, I know she has her own desk so I think she probably has her on phone. I feel like I could trick the receptionist into transferring me to her desk. Then she would have to answer me.’

Having a crush and keeping it to yourself – not creepy. Trying to track her down and force her to answer you for unreturned kindness? Creepy. I want to figure out who she is and help her get a restraining order against you now.” — Seattlejo

14. A woman was gaslighted by her BF

“A woman describes weird behavior from her new bf, and as commenters point out she’s being gaslighted she describes creepier and creepier shit.” — cbshep

15. He caught a home invasion on Snapchat

“A dude staying in Queensland noticed some weird stuff in a snapchat he took. Another night he heard noises and investigated, filming, eventually redditers enhanced it and you can clearly see him walk past a man and see the man exit frame in a reflection. Pretty sure it turned out to be a home invasion, he was house-sitting for his parents and they think in the snapchat they were scoping the place out, then they broke in and woke him up.” — Jimmy_Black

16. There was a thread meant for rapists 

“The ‘Ask a Rapist’ Reddit thread.” — FuckCazadors

17. He posted pictures of his dead wife

“Derek Medina who shot his wife and posted pictures on Facebook.” — Eel28

18. He put his penis in a skull

“This one post on 4chan about a guy stealing a skull and putting his dick in it.” — Merasica

19. He visited an abandoned house

“The abandoned house Anon went to and found a body and a hard drive and some pills, and was never seen again.” — crushcastles23

20. He slept with his mother

“That AMA with the guy that fucked his mom.” — ccvssd

21. He suffered from hallucinations 

“There was a guy who fell unconscious for a few seconds and thought he lived his life for TEN years, had a wife and kids…” — The_DestroyerKSP

22. He made a sex doll from a human skeleton 

“Creepiest thing I’ve ever come across was the person who made a life-sized sex doll, of Sally Acorn from the sonic the hedgehog series the catch supposedly the framework was made out of a human skeleton, though he claimed at one point it was wood.”  — acegikmo31

23. A man found a tracker on his car

“A few years ago someone made a reddit post about how they found a GPS tracker under their car. The guy who found it went to go talk to his ‘crazy ex’ about it, and never returned.” — robotboy199

24. A man injected dangerous chemicals into his body

“The guy who injected a glowing substance into his wrist. I don’t know why, but it sticks out in my head.” — 9gagSubredditOf4chan

25. She heard a stranger in her house

“Does anyone have the link to the thread where a woman was in bed and using a sleep cycle app and recorded some strange clicking noises and a male voice talking to her that she doesn’t remember? Shat my pants over that one.” — MissRepresentation Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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