25 Ladies Reveal The Single Scariest Thing Their Boyfriend Ever Did To Them

If you notice any red flags early on in the relationship, break up with him ASAP. You don’t want to go through what these Ask Reddit users had to go through.

21. He bought the house next door

“Not my story, but my mother’s.

After she broke up wish her shitty boyfriend of 5 years, he moved in to the house 2 doors down. He is a realtor, the house was empty, and he used his connections to rent the place while it was on the market. He drove past the house multiple times a day, and would show up if there was any car in the driveway.

The hot tub mysteriously lost some key parts, and after much questioning, he finally admitted to sneaking over in the middle of the night to take them so she would stop having orgies in them.”  — gypsypan

22. He sabotaged the birth control pills

“Ex. For reasons that will become obvious.

Admitted to sabotaging his his ex-girlfriend’s birth control pills (he didn’t elaborate on exactly how, but it was in a fit of anger when he suspected that she was cheating on him). He proceeded to sleep with her anyways, and get her pregnant. She was 15 at the time (he was also a teenager… maybe 17?). Nopenopenoped right outta there upon learning about this.

He also admitted to training the toddler son that resulted from this to call me “mommy” within two months of seeing each other. He thought that it would be cute. Nopenopenope.”  — thisismyhawaiiacct

23. He sat outside my house for hours

“My boyfriend in high school and I had been fooling around all afternoon but kept getting interrupted by various things. So when he dropped me off that evening, he was not in a good mood. I apologized and we made plans to see each other the next day. I went inside, had dinner with my family and did homework. A few hours after he dropped me off, I heard a car start in our driveway and saw headlights outside. He had been sitting outside for hours, stewing angrily that he didn’t get off. It was super creepy.” — beard_lover


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