Women Don’t Realize How Much These 50 Micro Gestures Mean To Men

Twenty20, josiah.adelaine
Twenty20, josiah.adelaine

1. Complimenting him on his facial hair.

2. Offering to pick up the check.

3. Making an effort to get along with his mother.

4. Initiating sex.

5. Grabbing a beer with his friends.

6. Actually telling him when you’re upset.

7. Falling asleep on his chest.

8. Playing video games with him.

9. Cooking for him.

10. Sending him selfies (even when you’re fully clothed).

11. Kissing him hello and goodbye.

12. Going an entire date without picking up your phone.

13. Trusting him not to cheat on you.

14. Letting him be the small spoon for a change.

15. Continuing to make an effort with your appearance.

16. Sitting with him in silence.

17. Choosing the date.

18. Supporting him, even when he has a ridiculously stupid idea.

19. Laughing at his jokes.

20. Making him laugh.

21. Giving him a handmade gift.

22. Wearing lingerie.

23. Buying him tickets to a game.

24. Waking him up when he oversleeps.

25. Lying for him to get him out of social situations.

26. Helping him with the dishes or the laundry.

27. Buying him tee-shirts and boxers.

28. Comforting him when he cries in front of you.

29. Letting him drive.

30. Giving him space.

31. Listening when he goes on and on about something boring.

32. Massaging him.

33. Remembering details about the little stories he’s told you.

34. Posting about him on Facebook.

35. Going down on him.

36. Telling him how much you miss him when you spend days apart.

37. Cleaning out the hair you leave in the drain.

38. Deleting your Tinder.

39. Asking for his help fixing the sink before calling a professional.

40. Sending good morning and good night texts.

41. Encouraging him to go for that job or promotion.

42. Bragging about him to your friends.

43. Buying condoms.

44. Letting him pick the movie.

45. Going on a run with him.

46. Watching the game with him.

47. Complimenting him on his car.

48. Becoming friends with his friends.

49. Getting on top during sex.

50. Saying, “I love you” randomly throughout the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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