Men Don't Realize How Much These 50 Little Things Mean To Women

Men Don’t Realize How Much These 50 Little Things Mean To Women

1. Complimenting her on something she assumes you won’t notice, like her new shade of nail polish or lipstick.

2. Writing out a note inside of a card instead of just scribbling your name on the bottom.

3. Telling her that a song, a movie, or a commercial reminded you of her.

4. Bringing home leftovers especially for her after you go out with your friends.

5. Sending her good morning texts.

6. Remembering her mom’s birthday.

7. Offering to do the dishes or set the table, even though it’s her turn.

8. Actually noticing when she gets a haircut.

9. And noticing when she puts her hair up in a new do that you’ve never seen before.

10. Asking her how her day was.

11. Putting on music you know she likes during car rides.

12. Giving her the passcode to your phone.

13. Saving ticket stubs from movies you’ve seen together.

14. Clearing out a drawer in your room, so she has a place to keep her stuff.

15. Consulting her before making decisions that will impact her.

16. Inviting her out to dinners with your family.

17. Calling her beautiful.

18. Posting pictures of her on your social media.

19. Kissing her on her forehead.

20. Saying, “I love you” before leaving for work.

21. Looking her in the eyes during sex.

22. Holding her hand in public.

23. Picking out a movie or a book you know she’ll love, and getting it right.

24. Listening to her go on and on about a show you don’t even watch.

25. Inviting her friends out with your friends.

26. Sticking up for her whenever someone treats her poorly.

27. Bragging about her to anyone that will listen.

28. Telling her she looks gorgeous as soon as she wakes up.

29. Offering to pick up the check.

30. Going down on her.

31. Walking closest to the street, so there’s no chance she’ll get hit by a car.

32. Apologizing to her, even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

33. Setting up a romantic date and doing all of the planning yourself.

34. Staying up extra late, just so you can keep texting her.

35. Pulling her closer when you’re snuggling in the middle of the night.

36. Remembering the name of the mascara she wears and the type of pizza she orders.

37. Letting her steal your blanket or one of your pillows.

38. Playing with her hair.

39. Telling her about your day. In detail.

40. Watching a show you hate, because she loves it.

41. Carrying her purse for her.

42. Letting her fall asleep on your chest.

43. Bringing her breakfast in bed.

44. Buying toys for her pet.

45. Letting her wear your tee-shirts and jackets.

46. Sharing your food with her.

47. Singing her to sleep.

48. Hugging her from behind.

49. Wearing the shirt, or the cologne, you know she loves.

50. Letting her know how much you want to marry herThought Catalog Logo Mark

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