44 Basic Things Women Want That REALLY Aren’t Too Much To Ask For

Derrick Freske
Derrick Freske

1. Someone that wants to be with her and only her, and would never even consider cheating or asking for a threesome.

2. Someone that holds open doors for her and walks her to her front stoop after a date.

3. Someone that kisses her with the same passion after three years of dating as he did after three days of dating.

4. Someone that actually texts her first.

5. Someone that knows how to cook and use a vacuum.

6. Someone that knows how to calm her down when she has a panic attack.

7. Someone that tells her the truth about his intentions, his plans, and his past.

8. Someone that can tell when she’s upset, so she doesn’t have to spell it out for him.

9. Someone that calls her beautiful first thing in the morning, before she has the chance to do her makeup or hair.

10. Someone that goes down on her and actually makes her orgasm.

11. Someone that can handle her when she cries, when she’s pissed, and when she’s on her period.

12. Someone that makes her soup and tosses all of her used tissues in the trash when she’s sick.

13. Someone that is nice to all of her friends, but doesn’t cross any boundaries by veering into flirty territory.

14. Someone that is happy to sit with her in silence.

15. Someone that she would be proud to introduce to her parents.

16. Someone that isn’t afraid of commitment and doesn’t think marriage is some sort of scam.

17. Someone that she’s not afraid of annoying by double texting.

18. Someone that speaks up when there’s a problem instead of just bailing on her.

19. Someone that remembers the names of her co-workers, so she doesn’t have to explain who they are whenever she tells a story.

20. Someone that will sing along with her in the car.

21. Someone that will text her to see if she got home safely.

22. Someone that has a job that he’s passionate about.

23. Someone that occasionally plans romantic dates or shows up at her house with chocolates.

24. Someone that could never look her in the eyes and tell a lie.

25. Someone that makes all of her exes look like assholes in comparison.

26. Someone that’s comfortable enough to cry in front of her. 

27. Someone that puts as much effort into the relationship as she does. 

28. Someone that won’t pressure her to do anything she’s uncomfortable with inside or outside of the bedroom. 

29. Someone that has a sweet group of friends that will welcome her into the group.  

30. Someone that has absolutely no feelings left for their ex. 

31. Someone that remembers his anniversary and her birthday without needing Facebook to remind him.

32. Someone that chooses thoughtful gifts over expensive gifts.

33. Someone that cuddles with her to help her fall asleep. 

34. Someone that keeps his cool during arguments. 

35. Someone that will watch corny rom-coms and crappy horror movies with her. 

36. Someone that makes her believe in love again. 

37. Someone that can’t go a day without speaking to her. 

38. Someone that lets her use his Wi-Fi and look through his phone. 

39. Someone that sees her “flaws,” but loves her anyway.

40. Someone that makes time for her, no matter how busy his schedule is. 

41. Someone that realizes how good he has it and never takes her for granted.

42. Someone that loves animals. 

43. Someone that cares about her happiness as much as his own. 

44. Someone that says, “I love you” every single day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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