35 Automatic Turn-Offs For Alpha Women Who Refuse To Settle

Twenty20, blaireblackmon
Twenty20, blaireblackmon

1. He’s the master of sending mixed signals. One day, he’s totally interested in you. The next day, he completely ignores your messages.

2. He always puts on his music in the car, makes you watch his favorite movie, and visit his favorite restaurant.

3. His actions and his words don’t match up. Sure, he makes golden promises about how he’s going to call you back and show you his new apartment, but he never follows through with them.

4. He doesn’t have a job and isn’t looking for a job.

5. He claims that he’s too busy to see you, instead of rearranging his schedule to find some time to see you.

6. He doesn’t believe in labels. He refuses to call you his girlfriend, or even a fuck buddy, because he doesn’t want you to know where you stand.

7. He talks and talks and talks, without bothering to pause to ask about how your day is going.

8. He refuses to wear condoms, because he doesn’t like the way latex feels against his skin.

9. Every time he passes a reflective surface, he has to stop to fix his hair. And if it rains, he freaks out more than you do about how it’s going to ruin that hair.

10. Sex is all about him. He doesn’t even think about trying to make you orgasm.

11. He doesn’t take care of himself. We’re not just talking about going to the gym. We’re talking about brushing his teeth, trimming his hair, and keeping up with his doctor’s appointments.

12. He checks out other girls, without even bothering to hide the crappy behavior from you.

13. He swears constantly. Hearing the F word every once in a while is hot, but hearing it in every sentence is overkill.

14. He usually wears a wife beater and shorts to your dinner dates.

15. He pays more attention to his phone than to you.

16. You catch him lying about something stupid to impress you.

17. He smokes.

18. He wants you to look exactly the same with and without makeup, because he’s worried about that “false advertisement” crap.

19. He’s always bragging about material items, because owning the new iPhone is his top priority.

20. He gets wasted every single time you see him.

21. He expects you to do something super kinky the very first time that you have sex together.

22. He sends you texts filled with spelling mistakes.

23. He sends you texts with improper grammar.

24. When he visits, he doesn’t bother to pet your dog or your cat, even when they run up to him.

25. He always makes plans with you at the last second, which is usually after dinnertime on a weeknight.

26. He’s lazy. He doesn’t have any goals in life. And he’s not even bothered by his own lack of ambition.

27. He still believes in outdated gender roles, like that you should be better at cooking and he should be better at fixing cars.

28. He never even offers to pay for dinner, even though he has the money to cover it.

29. He accuses you of being on your period when you show the slightest bit of emotion.

30. He’s rude to the waiter, to the bartender, or to you.

31. He sends you dick pics, even though you definitely didn’t ask for them.

32. He asks you for nudes, even though you barely even know him.

33. He refers to one or more of his exes as psychos.

34. He refuses to meet your parents, even though you’ve dated for months.

35. He hates animals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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