15 Dominating Things She Wishes You’d Do During Rough Sex

1. Grab her when she’s walking past you, push her up against a wall, and press your boner against her. Then grind on her, so your bulge rubs against her clit.

2. Grab her wrists and pin them over her head. It’s even better if you can hold down both of her wrists with only one of your hands. It’ll remind her of how big and strong you are.

3. Kiss her like you mean it. Thrust your tongue inside of her mouth and moan like you’ve just tasted the best thing in your god damn life. And don’t just focus on her lips. Push her head to the side so you can suck and nibble on her neck.

4. Speaking of nibbling, work your way down to her shoulder and start biting. Not hard enough to break skin or leave a mark that lasts. Just hard enough to make her gasp.

Twenty20, brookeekelund
Twenty20, brookeekelund

5. Undress her. Don’t wait for her to undo her bra herself or pull down her jeans. You’re the one in charge. You’re the one who should be tearing off her clothes, like you can’t wait another second to stick your cock in her.

6. Throw her onto the bed. Don’t place her down tenderly, like she’s a piece of glass you’re worried about shattering. Gently shove her onto the blankets and then climb on top of her to do all the work yourself.

7. Pull her hair. This works best if you’re doing it Doggy style, but you can make it work from pretty much any position. She’ll fucking love it. Just remember to grab her hair close to the scalp. Don’t yank the ends, because that’s just painful.

8. Grab her waist while you’re thrusting and hold her as tightly as you can. If you leave bruises, that’s okay (as long as she says it’s okay), because her shirt will cover up the spot, and she can continue to act innocent around her family and friends.

9. Lightly choke her. Just don’t put any pressure on her windpipe, because you don’t want to actually make her breathless. You have to be careful with this one, but if you can pull it off, she’ll feel completely dominated.

10. Spank her. Start out lightly to see how she responds to it, and if she asks you to do it harder, then do it harder.

11. Thrust hard and fast. This isn’t the time to move slowly and gently while staring lovingly into her eyes. Let out your animalistic side.

12. Go crazy with the dirty talk. Tell her how sexy she looks and curse whenever she does something that turns you on. And if she’s comfortable being called a dirty little slut, you can do that, too.

13. Leave scratch marks down her back. Normally, that would be her job, since she’s the one with the long nails, but she’ll enjoy the sensation just as much as you do. It’s just plain sexy.

14. If she asks you to give it to her rough, props will be your very best friend. Tie a scarf around her eyes to blind her, use handcuffs to secure her wrists together, or take out a whip to slap against her backside.

15. Now, this one should be obvious, but before any of this goes down, make sure you get her consent. And create a safe word ahead of time, so she can blurt it out if she feels even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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