30 Cute Little (Childish) Things That Perfect Couples Do Together

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

1. You go to the movie theater to see animated children’s films, even though you’re technically ten years too old for them.

2. You eat macaroni and cheese shaped like Spongebob characters, because you’re too lazy to cook a real meal.

3. You put on reruns of Pokemon or Rugrats, because they’re far more entertaining than any sitcom made for adults.

4. You make up silly songs about your pet, your food, and anything else you feel like singing about.

5. You stop at whatever claw machine you find, so you can win a teddy bear for each other.

6. You take out your phone to record them when they aren’t looking, because you love teasing them with embarrassing videos.

7. You baby talk on purpose when you’re alone together. And you baby talk on accident when you’re out in public together.

8. You create slang words that make little to no sense to the other people around you.

9. You tickle each other whenever you get the opportunity, because you love to watch them laugh.

10. You lick and bite each other, but not in a sexual way.

11. You randomly slip into different accents and even create your own characters.

12. You make animal noises, just for the hell of it.

13. You show each other stupid memes you come across on the Internet, and laugh about how ridiculous they are.

14. You play board games and video games that you haven’t touched since you were little.

15. You scare them when they come out of the bathroom, even though you know they won’t find it funny.

16. You ask hypothetical questions that don’t make much sense, like what they think would happen if there were zombies on Mars.

17. You make faces at the camera, which is why it’s hard to find a decent picture of the two of you that you can post on Instagram.

18. You play fight by throwing pretend punches and putting each other into headlocks.

19. You create your own types of kisses and sex positions, because you’re just that creative.

20. You construct blanket forts that you can hide underneath, even though you always end up tearing them down right away.

21. You try to embarrass each other in public by slapping each other’s asses or by having fake arguments in front of strangers.

22. You come up with fun games to play on long car rides to make the time pass by quicker.

23. You go on dates to places you haven’t visited since you were a little kid, like the zoo and the aquarium.

24. You leave comments on each other’s social media pages that no one else will understand, because they reference inside jokes.

25. You ask them a million questions about the movie you’re watching, even if you don’t actually care about the answers.

26. You give them childish nicknames that they’d be embarrassed for their friends to hear.

27. You whine about not wanting to do the dishes or go to work, even though you know you have to.

28. You tell them all the lame jokes that you’ve heard and use as many puns as you can, because you think they’re so stupid that they’re actually funny.

29. You hide the remote to annoy them, because you know they won’t really get as angry as they’re going to pretend to be.

30. You whine about needing constant hugs and kisses, because two minutes away from them is two minutes too many. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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