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Warning: Never Fall In Love With An Only Child

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an only child
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Never fall in love with an only child, because they are comfortable with silence. At times, they prefer it. They will not fill in the gaps during conversation when you are out at dinner. They will not say something, just to hear themselves speak. They will embrace the quiet. They will find comfort in it.

Never fall in love with an only child, because it will take a long while to discover who they really are. They keep their guard up, they keep their walls high. They are private people. They don’t spill their secrets to anyone who will listen. You have to earn their trust before they will open up to you.

Never fall in love with an only child, because they are not used to sharing their space. They will not reach over to cuddle with you in the middle of the night or kiss you passionately in front of strangers. They will struggle to express their feelings for you at first, because they are used to keeping their emotions inside. They are used to acting like they have it together, like locking eyes with you doesn’t cause them to fall apart.

Never fall in love with an only child, because they pride themselves on their independence. They are pleased that they made something of themselves all on their own — that they earned a degree on their own, found an apartment their own, learned how to cook on their own. They won’t want your help, because they aren’t used to working as a team. They are used to earning their own way. They are used to fighting for themselves.

Never fall in love with an only child, because they are selfish. Before making any decision, they figure out what is best for them and then go through with it. They will always put their feelings first, because they were taught that their hopes and dreams matter. They were taught that the deserve whatever they want. And they were taught to only rely on themselves to get it.

Never fall in love with an only child, because you will never find anyone else quite like them. Never fall in love with an only child, because if you lose them, you won’t know what to do.

Only children grew up acting like adults, even when they were young. That’s what caused them to turn into such mature, respectful men and women.

They will never name call during an argument or use your stuff without asking you first. They will never take advantage of your time or talk down to you like a child. They will never purposely bring you pain.

And since they never had any siblings, they created their own little family. They call their best friends their brothers and sisters. They call close family friends their aunts and uncles. They believe that a connection is more important than blood.

So, once they decide that you are worth keeping around, they will consider you more than a boyfriend or girlfriend. They will consider you family, too. TC mark


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