17 People Reveal The Disadvantages Of Being Smart

16. Stephen Heleker

You may end up feeling dissatisfied with your life, even if you enjoy success and have a close network of family and friends.

You may have delusions of grandeur.

You may feel entitled to success.

You may blame your dissatisfaction on your intelligence, instead of your expectations.

All things measure, being intelligent relative to your peers has far more advantages than disadvantages. The wonderful irony is that the advantages drive most of the disadvantages. In the same way that a middle class American might despair that Whole Foods stopped carrying their favorite espresso blend, an intelligent person might regret a life of easier successes and higher ambitions. After all, there are more intelligent, successful, and lucky people out there, and that just isn’t fair.

17. Luke Merrix

I can come from this from a slightly different point of view. My best friend growing up was ridiculously intelligent. He never had to do anything in school and still got straight As. It was frustrating knowing that no matter how hard I worked I would never be as intelligent as he was. I have always been middle of the road intelligence wise but very driven to succeed.

Unfortunately he has suffered from depression and anxiety for a very long time but still has a beautiful mind and can write something that has the ability to astonish or drive you to tears.

I cherish having him as a friend even though it has been a struggle for a long time. He has changed and improved me in ways he will never know but he still lives with his problems and may never get the freedom of mind which experience.

I don;t necessarily think that intelligence has caused the problem but it may not have helped either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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