17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

11. “Pump it up!”

I was in an medically induced coma for almost a month due to Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I had a lot of dreams while under. I got sick very very quickly, 1 week sore chest pains next week having CPR for 20 minutes. Everything a few days before I crashed is very cloudy.

Anyway the dreams, Everything I dreamt was revolved around me being sick or in hospital, so I knew that much. I had a dream about getting dragged under the ocean, they were taking me somewhere I could be fixed and that was the best mode of transport. I remember being in a hospital out in the desert and a army of bone/poverty stricken people invading the hospital wanted to be helped, banging on doors yelling to be let in. I dreamt that the light fixture they could move around above the bed was what was feeding me pills, I could see them falling down the arms of the light.

I also dreamt that I was in a room with a pyramid of boxes that I could walk up and choose and each one took me to a different time/place with one of my friends or family and I could watch over what was happening.

I also remember this one with a big buffed up black guy all oiled up yelling “Pump it up” while exercising trying to keep me alive.

A day after one of my surgeries to have an LVAD implanted I came out of the operating room and I had developed a clot in my left leg that day (still under) I dreamt about some big machine getting close to my leg and it was going to cut it off if I didn’t get out of the way but I was stuck and couldn’t move. I don’t remember what happened with that dream, but when I finally woke up my family said that I got the clot and if the surgeon couldn’t remove it I was probably going to have to have my leg amputated.

One that really hit that I can’t remember if I’ve told anyone but I just remember being in a coma for over 9 years and finally waking up to my wife and seeing my 9 year old son for the first time while in an ambulance and I kept dropping in and out of the coma not being able to communicate with them.

12. Absolute hopelessness

When I was considered medically “dead” I couldn’t hear anyone, I was in a huge white room with no walls, just a floor. The floor would occasionally sparkle far off. I could not move, I could just look around, it was completely empty. I could still feel emotions, I had a heavy feeling of being nervous/worried. It felt like I was sneaking into a place where I did not belong, like a part of the house that was off limits to me as a kid. Time went by so slowly, I felt every second of it. It was only for 4ish minutes but it definitely felt that long. I could not think, I just felt. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I felt helpless, everything was out of my control, I felt trapped. I don’t remember but when I was revived I screamed for minutes, I just screamed and cried.

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