17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

5. Can’t tell if it was a dream or not

I spent ten days in a medically induced coma following the birth of my youngest son. He will be three years old this September. When I woke up I remember being very upset about a conversation between two nurses that took place in my hospital room while I was sleeping. I’ve always wondered if that conversation really happened or if it was a dream/nightmare.

6. The Grudge

Before I entered a coma (fell from the second story of a gym under construction and landed on my head), I had watched The Grudge. So during the whole coma, I dreamed that I was trapped in a completely white room with the grudge girl. She never moved and just stood there, but when I woke up from that coma, I refused to close my eyes for a couple of nights from fear.

7. Dying dreams are not fun

I was in a chemically induced coma for two weeks. My situation wasn’t normal. They didn’t know what was wrong with me other than that my lungs were totally full of fluid and that my brain was on the fast track to shutting down. They told my mother I was going to die and they couldn’t do anything about it. My blood oxygen saturation was something like 29% when I came in. They said over and over that I shouldn’t be alive. They kept telling me that. The nurses, the doctors, the girls in the ambulance. I remember fading away while staring at the freakishly bright lights in my face in the ER.

If others dreams were anything like mine, they won’t want to tell you about them. It’s not “dreams” so much as it is another reality. I remember meeting people that I’d never seen nor heard of, becoming really good friends with them, then watching one of the girls die in a horrific car wreck. Apparently I came to at some point and started asking, “The girl, is the girl ok?” It was the most vivid thing I’ve ever been a part of.

I remember there was a party where people were covered in animal shit. There was some really dark stuff that I really don’t want to talk about, much less write down. I have “forgotten” some of it I suppose. It was terrible for me. Some people’s experiences may be different, but mine was drug induced and I wouldn’t wish those dreams on anyone. I spent 14 days under. I was not aware of anything on the outside. It never occurred to me that I may have been dead or dying. I never once thought I was in bad shape. Hell, I WALKED into the hospital with less than 30% blood oxygen concentration. All this happened on Christmas eve night. I’m like 6 years past that now and I was told that the only lasting damage was some scar tissue on my lungs that may or may not go away with time.

If you’re dying, your dreams are fucked up. Nothing good or fun took place.

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