17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

9. Beloved potato chips

Not me, but my father. My father was in a coma for three months and had a repeated “dream” of a bear stealing his potato chips.

10. Something beautiful

Years ago, my brother was in a coma for 2 months after a horrible car accident.

One night while my mom was in the room watching over him, she noticed his hand moved a little. When she got close, he woke up in shock, and desperately asked my mom, “Mom, where are the kids?! They helped so much where are they?! I couldn’t speak to them and say thank you! Where are they?!” I was the only kid that stepped into his room the whole 2 months.

After calming down, he told my mom that he saw himself from an aerial point of view laying on the hospital bed, in a tremendous white room. Beside him were two kids, one on each side of the bed. On the right was a little boy, that would always tell him, “Remain calm my boy… everything is going to be okay I promise. I’ve never left your side after all these years. You’ve grown into a fine young responsible man. I love you.” On the left was this little girl, that would tell him stories about my brother’s best childhood moments to keep him entertained. He said he felt like the boy was our grandpa from my mother’s side, which is a man I personally didn’t have the honor to meet due to being a baby. My grandpa has the most profound love for us grandchildren and visited everyday to see us. He lived across town and had no car or bike. He also said the girl was probably his best friend, who was in the backseat during the accident and died due to not wearing a seatbelt.

I believe my brother was taken to a part of heaven, but it wasn’t his time so my grandpa and his best friend watched over him as he recovered enough to wake back up and join us. Everyone has their time to leave the earth, I’m glad it wasn’t my brothers time and he’s still with us.

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