25 Ways FRIENDS Would Have Been Different If It Had Happened In The Age Of Social Media


We all loved Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and Monica with all our hearts. We looked up to them as the people we wanted to be when we were older – with one small difference. We never anticipated the amount of virtual connection we’d experience by the time we were their age. In my opinion, FRIENDS would have been the same sweet, hilarious show if it had existed in the time of social media. There would have been just a few small differences.

1. There would have been no argument as to whether Rachel and Ross were on a break. Their Facebook statuses clearly read “In a relationship.” Plus Rachel would have blogged about it and shown Ross the five thousand people who agreed with her.

2. Monica would have been the kind of friend who texts you six times in a row and then calls. She had no chill. She’d also call you out for every photo you liked on Facebook while she was waiting for you to respond.

3. Phoebe would have been tumblr famous for her blog about spiritual awakening, where she occasionally posted nudes.

4. Joey would have developed a real, debilitating addiction to Tinder and we wouldn’t have seen him for months at a time.

5. Gunther would constantly be messaging Rachel things like “Hey sweet cheeks, what’s going on?” Which would get marked as seen but never responded to.

6. Every text from Joey would have ended with a winky face. Every. Single. Text.

7. Rachel would have instagrammed like 500 pictures of her and Ross with the hashtag #Mylobster.

8. Ross would have liked everything Rachel had posted online since high school.

9. Phoebe would never have been able to date those two guys at once because one of them would have sent her a relationship request and it would’ve all been over.

10. Chandler would have been a total Internet troll. The kind that left witty yet understated insults at the bottom of videos to distract himself from the fact that nobody was sleeping with him for the first four seasons.

11. Monica and Richard would have rekindled their relationship when they stumbled across one another on Sugardaddy.com.

12. Ross would have a twitter account specifically dedicated to bad dinosaur puns.

13. The whole Yemen thing wouldn’t have been such a big deal for Phoebe and the scientist. They would have just downloaded Whatsapp and gone on with their relationship.

14. Mr. Gellar would be constantly checking up on his kids by texting Monica things like “ROSS? CAN YOU SEE THIS? IT’S ME, DAD. – DAD”

15. Rachel would have been such a sexter. Her relationship with Tag? Unveiled when she sent a naked Snapchat to her boss accidentally.

16. Ross’s name screw up at the alter would have been posted on Youtube and probably auto-tuned.

17. Emily would have made Ross block Rachel from Facebook and Twitter. He could keep her on Instagram, as long as he agreed to only post pictures of him and Emily looking happy.

18. Nobody would know about Monica and Chandler hooking up because they’d have just texted discreetly about getting together. That is, until Rachel snooped through Monica’s phone and sent the screenshots to everyone.

19. Everyone would have known about Joey’s secret actor parties on the roof because he would have been tagged in like five hundred pictures from each of them.

20. Chandler wouldn’t have had to get a job because he’d just stay home and get Youtube famous for being so witty.

21. Rachel would be in a constant state of pretending to pay attention to you while actually online shopping on her phone.

22. Ross and Rachel would have had serious fights over whether or not it was okay to Instagram their baby.

23. Ross’s emotion on Facebook would have been “Ross is feeling FINE” for like an entire year.

24. Monica would have taken five thousand naked pregnant photos where she forced Chandler to make a heart with his hands over her belly.

25. At the end of the day they would’ve stayed friends anyway – just more so on Facebook than in real life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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