You Deserve Someone Who Doesn't Rush Love

You Deserve Someone Who Doesn’t Rush Love

I know you’re used to the haste.

Every second just flashing before your eyes like bubbles bursting. All those moments over before you even have the time to savor every minute of it. And perhaps, you’re just so sick of this world trying to rush every goddamn thing. Tired of all the love you let loose to this world just taken for granted.

I hope you know that you deserve better than that. You deserve someone who doesn’t rush love.

You deserve someone who takes their time loving you. Someone who doesn’t let the moments with you just slip like sand between their toes. Someone who loves you in all your candid little moments.

You deserve someone who doesn’t mind if you spend another ten minutes sitting in front of the ocean, letting the crashing of waves tickle the tip of your toes as they are sent back to the waters once again. Someone who likes to join you momentarily get lost in the beauty of the ocean. Someone who won’t think it’s weird if your idea of a date is just slumping down on the couch with them, both your own books in one hand and a glass of wine in the other—reveling in the deep-seethed silence of the room and vanishing into your own spheres.

Someone who kisses you long enough to burn and feel the taste of your lips on theirs for hours to come. Someone who keeps dragging time just to memorize the curves and sharp edges of your body, the scars tattooed across your skin that reminds you of where you’ve been in this life.

You deserve someone who is so fond of touching you in a manner that isn’t sexual or playful—who just likes feeling the shape of your bones beneath each caress of their fingers. Someone who basks in the warmth of lying on bed with you, feeling the world slow down—appeased just by the subtle rise and fall of your chest as you drift into peaceful slumber, adores you in all your vulnerability when you are most unaware of it.

You deserve someone who doesn’t try to rush you into loving. Someone who invests their time giving you all the affection and comfort you deserve. Someone who is never in a hurry when it comes to you, who relishes it even— drawing it out some more because there’s no place they’d rather be than here. With you.

Because while the world is fast-pacing in all its hustle and bustle, you still deserve someone out there that drags time a tad bit more just to look at you in that moment. Just completely let go of all inhibitions and fall right in there, with you.

And they know, their world is spinning a little slower —but their heart beating a little faster. And to be honest, that’s the only rush they’ll ever need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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