"Once In A Blue Moon" Happens Tonight

‘Once In A Blue Moon’ Happens Tonight

If you ever told a dude you didn’t like that you’d get with him “once in a blue moon,” you have vastly misinterpreted the meaning of that phrase. “Blue moon” doesn’t mean “never,” it means “once in a while” — in fact, there’s a rare blue moon tonight. (Expect a phone call from that dude, I guess? It’s not my fault you don’t understand idioms.)

A “blue moon” is an event that happens once every two and a half years actually (the next one isn’t scheduled until 2015) and tonight’s the night, starting at around 6:30 p.m. EST. If you’re interested in the history, a “blue moon” is actually just folklore: It’s the third full moon in a season of four full moons, or the second full moon in one month. (Instead of the usual twelve full moons a year.) The moon might not appear actually blue in color. But it might!


Obviously, if you’re a werewolf, it’s time to lock yourself in cage in a library and have a friend stand by with a tranquilizer gun. (Buffy reference!) But if you’re a person, maybe this “blue moon” is the motivation you need to lose the fear and do something different. Like with National Honesty Day, the blue moon is the perfect excuse to put it all out there.

Here’s a quick list of stuff you can do to celebrate the blue moon:

Dye your hair blue.

Drink a Blue Moon beer.

Kiss someone out of the blue. Ooh la la.

Re-watch Arrested Development because “I blue myself.”

Moon some strangers.

Listen to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue.”

Go swimming in the ocean, or at least, take a bubble bath.

Eat a moon pie.

Look at this Pinterest page: Things That Are Blue.

Write a letter to Buzz Aldrin telling him he’s awesome.

Turn off your computer!

Go outside into nature!

Look at the cool moon! You won’t get the chance again until 2015 and who knows where you’ll be then. TC Mark