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These Are The 8 Lunar Personality Types, Based On The Moon Phase You Were Born On

“Live by the Sun; love by the Moon,” they say.

I, for one, object to this notion– it should be the other way around. We don’t actually live through Sun sign astrology. Not only does the Sun measure monthly cycles, there’s an even cooler part of astrology that more people are raving about: Moon signs.

You see, we observe the Moon on a daily basis because its cycle is only 29.5 days. When we are born, this means the Moon is in a specific zodiac sign in respect to the Sun’s position in the sky. The Moon phase you were born during, therefore, reveals the relationship between your ego and spirit. An introverted Leo who doesn’t resonate with the show off quality might have a Cancer or Pisces Moon, whereas a hippie-dippie Capricorn who may not resonate with the back-in-black stereotype may have a Gemini Moon.

While the Sun is about vitality, the Moon is our essence. In my experience as an astrologer, most people who don’t resonate with their Sun sign are pleasantly surprised when they discover their Moon sign because suddenly everything clicks.

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The even better news is that you don’t need an exact birth time to know your Moon sign. More specifically, the Moon phase you were born on says a lot about you regardless of which sign your Sun and Moon are in.

To find out your Moon phase, you can use the Moon sign generator listed here.

What is your lunar personality type? Here are the eight you should know about:

New Moon

Born on the New Moon? Then it’s likely you resonate with your Sun sign because, well, they’re the same! The New Moon is the starlit tapestry of the lunar cycle, and it’s safe to say you have a starry eyed personality.

Not only do you believe in the possibilities, you create them. Amiable and courageously optimistic, you’re a self starter and are willing to take calculated risks. You’re a glow getter who seizes on opportunity when you feel the timing is just right. Though you, the New Moon babe, should be mindful of not spreading yourself thin or starting what you can’t finish.

As a New Moon babe, you’re generally popular while preferring not to belong to a specific friend group. Your footloose nature is always on to the next, which means you need people in your life who can keep up. You’re known for your stellar creativity, humor, and overall entertaining qualities. New Moon babes are often the star athlete, class president, class favorite, or are in some way center stage in their social and work life.

Crescent Moon

Also known as: Waxing Crescent Moon

Born on the Crescent Moon? Looks like you’ll be sitting with your fellow spunk squad, as this is among the most eccentric of the lunar personality types. Quirky and fashionable, you need to be noticeably unique from your peers and will look the part to do so. Even if you seem a bit edgy, people are drawn to your joie de vivre.

However, nothing is surface level with you, as your penetrating mind looks to answer the important questions in life. Perhaps history, philosophy, or literature was your favorite class in school! You’re a bit obsessive with learning new things, especially if they’re in the realm of dark psychology. True crime, occultism, and politics are a few topics you may dabble into.

Crescent Moon babes are often popular like New Moon babes, except you’re better at focusing your intentions on more specific goals and interests. Your ability to materialize your mindset suits you for writing, radio, engineering, finance, sports, to include other dexterous activities.

Quarter Moon

Also Known As: First Quarter Moon (Waxing)

Born on the Quarter Moon? Everything in life is half and half for you, as this Moon phase is when La Luna is only half illuminated. There’s only a few parts of yourself that you feel comfortable showcasing to the world. You spend half the time stuck in your own headspace and the other half trying to present what’s on your mind.

Your this-or-that thinking can make you come off as rigid, anxious, or judgmental. Judgment isn’t always bad, however, as people trust your opinions because you consider the consequences of everything. People also take a liking to your deadpan sense of humor. You’re unintentionally funny, which many consider one of your best qualities.

While you can’t necessarily be managed, your ability to manage the world around you is rather impressive. People are always asking you for favors or guidance because you have a good head on your shoulders. Your strongly discerning attitude keeps you out of trouble and is even an asset to your respective field. It’s no wonder why so many Quarter Moon babes are dominant figures in technology, finance, science, music, or design.

Gibbous Moon

Also known as: Waxing Gibbous Moon

Born on a Gibbous Moon? Thank goodness, because the world would be lost without this lunar personality! Not only are you responsible and hard working, you’re also one of the most chillax people to be around. Friendly and approachable, you work well in both leadership and team settings.

Communicative and a great listener, others often come to you with their problems because you’re easy to talk to. You’re known for your constructivism while letting others down easy. From co-workers to family members, everyone sees you as the voice of reason. You live by a zero tolerance drama policy, which is why you keep your inner circles small. People who like drama may see you as “boring” while those who do not will see you as trustworthy.

Need not be fooled, as you also need plenty of adventure in your life. If you aren’t working overtime or sleeping in, we can expect to find you outdoors or splurging at brunch. Gibbous Moon babes are commonly athletes, explorers, dancers, travel influencers, or recreation enthusiasts. However, your analytical and thoughtful nature also suits you for business, journalism, education, social media, or anything related.

Full Moon

Born on the Full Moon? Phew! People know a Full Moon babe when they see one, as your personality is rather intense. Let’s just say you put the ‘hot’ in psychotic, our dearly beloved. Strong minded and full of convictions, you’re among the most transparent and powerful lunar personality types. Switching from halos to horns, you are as sweet as you are spicy.

Do you find yourself typing in all caps or talking in a shouty manner? You can’t help that you’re so enthusiastic and passionate. Of course, people make you feel like you’re “too much” as a person, which can push you to hold it all in or act out. After all, you’re incredibly sensitive and psychic at the same time.

Full Moon babes are notably power players and shadow workers for this reason. Resilient and intuitive, you stand strong in the face of darkness. As Full Moons are all about trade offs, you spend your life balancing your gusto with compassion. The Full Moon fam is full of witches, politicians, pundits, investigators, researchers, hackers, programmers, and business people for this reason.

Disseminating Moon

Also known as: Waning Gibbous Moon

Born on the Disseminating Moon? Well, aren’t you just a cool kid! Disseminating Moon babes have a too cool for school vibe to them. You reject outdated norms and present yourself in an unusual way. You champion weirdness and are averse to “basicness”. This rebellious quality, however, is why people are drawn to you. A bit of a neurotic Nancy, sure, but it comes with quirks that others find very intriguing.

Unlike the waxing Gibbous Moon babe, you find drama a bit more entertaining. You don’t want to be directly involved, but observing it from afar is a guilty pleasure of yours. On a positive note, you healthily channel these tendencies through an interest in pop culture topics. You probably have a knack for over-the-top storytelling, writing, or even cosplay and fashion.

Of course, there is much more to your personality than this. You have an overwhelming appreciation for the arts and culture, even if you aren’t necessarily an artist yourself. You shower others with your support and enjoy collaborating with those who share your values and interests.

Last Moon

Also known as: Third Quarter Moon (Waning)

Born on the Last Moon? You’re a boho lax babe with a beauty queen exterior. Empathetic and down to earth, people feel at ease around you because of your non-judgmental attitude. You listen more than you speak, which is why people feel comfortable opening up around you.

Even though you’re socially savvy, you don’t mind solitude and rarely attach yourself to cliques or group identities. While you seek peace and aren’t the confrontational type, you’re sensitive to social issues and will not hold back your tongue if something is seriously wrong. You reserve judgments until you have all the facts. For this reason, people value your perspectives and will listen to you.

Last Moon babes above all enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Not only do you take extra measures to make others feel good, you do the same for yourself. Beauty and nature are your A-game. It’s common to see many Last Moon babes take an interest in photography, cosmetics, fashion, culinary arts, gardening, landscaping, hunting, modeling, or anything related. Bonus points if there are tattoos, piercings, or other body art involved.

Balsamic Moon

Also known as: Waning Crescent Moon

Born on the Balsamic Moon? The old souls have officially entered the chat, everyone! While you relate to the waxing Crescent Moon babe, you’re more introspective and withdrawn. You wear your spirituality and idealism on your sleeve. Though you’re less gushy and more platonic with your affection, it’s in your nature to make sure everyone else is taken care of emotionally and physically.

Your tranquil demeanor puts everyone else at ease. Especially in stressful work or social environments, your focus and composure are impeccable. Pursuits that require a straight face like acting, broadcasting, crime investigation, law, or cybersecurity are ideal. It takes a lot to get a reaction out of you– so if it happens, someone seriously messed up with you.

Of all lunar personality types, Balsamic Moon babes are the healers. You’re most commonly body and sound smart because of your sensitivity to energy and ability to recognize patterns. Say hello to our shamans, doctors, nurses, educators, counselors, and preachers. Musicians, athletes, and artists born under this influence also have powerhouse imaginations and will typically allude to spiritual matters.

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